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Anatomy of a physician shortage

Meet the Flockers

Homeland on the Range

23 Anatomy of a physician shortage

Why is Nevada so short on medical pros?

29 Meet the Flockers

Everyone’s flocking to Nevada —

34 Homeland on the Range

The Basques hold fast to their identity.


Nevadarama - High-wireless act

4 NevadaScope - Natives in short supply

5 Tonight's Homework - Give us a history-making title

6 What I’ve Learned - Brock Marion

8 Pay Dirt - Golden era for mining job-seekers

10 Gambling Haul - Reno vs. Vegas

11 Making the Argument - End smoking in public places

12 Body Owner’s Manual - Dangerously brittle men

14 Refresher Course - How uranium is enriched

15 Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…Shakespeare

16 What It Feels Like To… set an unbreakable record

18 Tell Me How Nevada Was - When Sinatra blew up

20 Boom - Napa, Nevada

41 Home Means Nevada

  • University News, 42
  • On Philanthropy, 46
  • Alumni News, 48
  • From the Alumni Council President, 48
  • Class Chat, 48
  • Five Questions With Teresa Benson ’74, 53
  • Remembering Friends, 62
  • Alumni Professional Services Directory, 63

64 What I’ve Done With My Life - Bruno Benna ’53

On the Cover

Nevada, which means “snow-capped” in Spanish, is the nation’s most mountainous state and also the state that receives the least rainfall. Fifty to 80 percent of the state’s water supply comes from the snow melting off of those snow-capped mountains, so it’s vital to know how much water is in the snow.

A hundred years ago a University of Nevada, Reno classics professor, James E. Church, invented the science of forecasting seasonal water supplies by examining snow accumulations. Church’s method, which involves shoving a tube down into deep, mountainside snow and then weighing the extracted core, is still used today, although measurements also are taken automatically by instruments housed in huts called Snotels (short for snow telemetry).

Snow sampling by hand is done at 28 snow courses in Nevada and at 30 sites on California peaks that feed Nevada’s water supply, says Dan Greenlee ’84M.S. (hydrology/hydrogeology). For 15 winters he has been Nevada’s snow man as a hydrologist and water supply specialist for the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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