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Nevada Silver & Blue is recommitting itself — to becoming a more timely publication for the alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students of the University of Nevada, Reno.

The January-February issue of Nevada Silver & Blue marks the beginning of a six-times-per-year publishing schedule for our magazine.

Our reasoning is simple: six times is better than four times. Or, to put it another way, producing six issues of Nevada Silver & Blue per year will allow us to share with our readers on a more frequent basis the great success stories of our graduates, our friends, our faculty, our staff and our students.

One of the great challenges of editing Nevada Silver & Blue is that it is different things to different people. So many of you have told us that you enjoy thumbing through “Class Chat” in order to catch up with your classmates of 10, 20, 30, or even 50 years ago. Still others enjoy the features on our talented faculty. Many of you have made great suggestions regarding subjects for our “On the Move” alumni features — great suggestions that have turned into well-read and well-received stories.

Thanks to the support of President John Lilley and Provost John Frederick, we can now bring more of all of these stories to you during the coming year. This is an exciting time for Nevada Silver & Blue. As always, we value your feedback and appreciate the letters and e-mails you send us. Keep them coming.

We can’t do everything in a year. But by producing Nevada Silver & Blue more frequently, we can ensure a stronger sense of timeliness and connectivity to your lives — giving you our best stories about the university and the institution’s continual reach toward improved quality.

— John Trent

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