Faculty resources

Sample Syllabi

Examples of service-learning syllabi are available in many sources, including the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse and the Campus Compact service-learning syllabi project. The Campus Compact website includes syllabi from more than 50 disciplines including categories of syllabi include first-year seminars, senior capstone courses, interdisciplinary courses, and sequential courses.

Reflection Tools

The experience of doing service alone does not guarantee learning. A deepened learning experience takes place when both academic and service work is complemented by a form of engagement that encourages critical thinking. In service-learning, thoughtful and organized reflection is necessary to enhance both the service and community work. Here are some helpful guides to assist in facilitating reflection with your students: The Four C's of Reflection  and The 3 Levels of Reflection.


The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU) rubrics were developed by select campuses to share, develop  and test rubrics that establish essential learning outcomes for undergraduate education (based on use of e-portfolios, journals, etc.). You can view a civic engagement rubric online. Other rubrics can be found on the AACU website.