Establishing a Partnership with the University

Simple 3-Step Process

Interest Form 

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please fill out our community partner interest form. Once our office has received the form, we will schedule a site visit with your organization.

Site Visit 

The purpose of the site visit is to ensure the partnership is a good fit for the community partner and University. During the site visit, we will go over the function and logistics of the partnership (how the students will serve, how many hours, etc.), and roles and expectations.

Partner Agreement 

After the site visit is complete, a Community Partner Agreement will be signed by both the community partner and the University. Please note: These steps must be completed in order for students to begin their service with your organization.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of becoming a community partner, or if you have questions, please email Abbey Grimmer.

Service-Learning & Civic Engagement
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