Photo of a westfall scholar and their advisor

Megan Lovell

Department of Psychology Faculty mentor: Brittany Avila


Post-graduation plans

I intend to continue on in my studies. I've come to learn that my strength is in writing, and the best way for me to make a difference is through that medium. I've long ago learned that mental health is imperative for success, but many of us struggle with it daily. Therefore, I plan on attending an MFA program to continue mastering my writing skills so I can incorporate psychological themes into my stories.

The most important piece of advice for an incoming college freshman

Get to know your professors. They want to see you succeed. They understand the college struggle more than anyone else. And more often than not, they are willing to meet you where you are.

In 15 years...

In 15 years, I hope to be surrounded by friends and family. Perhaps as a best-selling author, perhaps as a child psychologist, perhaps as a literary agent, or perhaps even back in the medical laboratory. At this point, I am open to all options because life is short and plans change. Rigidity is the destruction of creativity, and my ability to be creative has gotten me to where I am now.