Henry Tang and his adivsor

Henry Tang

Department of Biology Faculty mentor: Elena Pravosudova


Post-graduation plans

The University of Nevada, Reno really accelerated my passion for medicine through not only the service and leadership experience that I have gained but also most importantly, the friendships and mentors that I have developed a strong connection to along my journey. I hope to attend medical school to become a physician that will serve my community, to help alleviate any suffering anybody may be experiencing.

The most important piece of advice for an incoming college freshman

Develop new connections. Develop new relationships. Continue developing existing relationships and connections. I couldn't have done it without the support of the people around me. College is nothing like high school. The level of education and the number of new people you will meet skyrockets. Having the support of friends and mentors, new and old, really helped me succeed in college. Having their support really pushed and motivated me.

In 15 years...

In 15 years, I see myself having gone through 4 years of medical school and years of residency to become a physician and specialize in a field that I am happy to be in. I hope to be working alongside other physicians to help those in my community.