College of Science Faculty

For our faculty, we expect all effort to lead to excellence. These are the people who think not of where we are now, but what we can still become. This is what drives our faculty to be passionate about their teaching and to do the groundbreaking research that is recognized on a regional, national and worldwide basis.

Jeffrey S. Thompson, Dean of the College of Science

By the numbers

The College of Science employs over 230 faculty members, 36 post-doctoral research associates, over 260 graduate teaching or research associates, and near 200 undergraduate teaching or research associates. They work across 50 different degree programs, including 18 doctoral-level programs in everything from atmospheric science to geo-engineering, data science to chemical physics, and conservation biology to neuroscience.

In 2017, the College of Science faculty brought in $19 Million in awards and published over 300 scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Our top-caliber, internationally credentialed faculty taught 55,980 student credit hours in 2017. The College of Science biology major is the largest major on campus, and the Mathematics and Statistics Department taught more students than any other department at the University.

Faculty research happening now

Two professor at a blackboard

Defining dark matter

Using 16 years of archival data from GPS satellites that orbit the earth, Professors Andrei Derevianko and Geoff Blewitt looked for dark matter clumps in the shape of walls or bubbles and which would extend far out beyond the GPS orbits, the solar system and beyond.

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Bee on a flower

The study of bees

Biology professor Anne Leonard and post-doctoral researcher Felicity Muth have devoted themselves to the study of animal cognition, focusing their work on bumblebees. They have published a paper in the April 2017 edition of Animal Behaviour, and Muth has taken her expertise to National Public Radio's Science Friday podcast.

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