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Bestowing honor, influence and inspiration in perpetuity through the gift of named chairs and professorships.

The hallmark of a great university is its faculty. Teaching, researching, innovating, mentoring, and publishing, the faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Science underpin every aspect of college life. For students, they are the guides to a life of discovery and accomplishment. As leaders in their field, they take on complex challenges and unearth groundbreaking solutions. For the public, they are the go-to resource for understanding the natural forces that surround us.

Endowed faculty positions, whether a professorship or chair, named after visionary donors or in honor of outstanding thought leaders are one way to broaden the impact of the College’s faculty. Similar to Cambridge University’s Lucasian Chair (established in 1668 by Henry Lucas and held by groundbreaking scientists such as Sir Issac Newton and more recently Stephen Hawking), endowed faculty positions are a means to support great teachers and innovative researchers.

The impact of these positions can literally unfold across centuries, benefiting generations of faculty and their students, and enabling a donor to create a legacy of generosity and vision.