Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience


The interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience is offered jointly through the Departments of Psychology and Biology. The mission of the program is to provide students' comprehensive training in the foundations of modern neuroscience from the cellular to systems level, as well as basic and applied knowledge in general science, psychology, and biology that will allow them to master and critically evaluate knowledge in the field. Directed learning experiences are also included to develop research skills. A major aim of the program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to successfully pursue graduate studies in a variety of basic and applied disciplines with a neuroscience focus, from cognitive and biological sciences to biotechnology and medicine.


All Neuroscience students should consult with an advisor on issues such as course selection. Advisement is offered jointly between the Department of Biology and the Department of Psychology. Additionally, Neuroscience students have a unique opportunity to seek advisement from a Professional School Advisor who can aid in preparations for professional graduate school programs (medical, dental, optometry, etc.).

Please see below for information on how to contact the appropriate advisor and how to schedule an advising appointment.

Amy Altick
Junior and Senior A-K Neuroscience majors
Biology-related questions from Neuroscience Juniors and Seniors

Steve Calhoun
Freshmen and Sophomore A-K Neuroscience majors
Biology-related questions from Neuroscience Freshmen and Sophomores

Marena Manierka
L-Z Neuroscience majors
All psychology-related Neuroscience questions

College of Science Academic Advising

Department of Psychology Academic Advising


Psychology (CLA)

Biology (COS)

Physiology and Cell Biology (SOM)

Microbiology and Immunology (SOM)

  • Ken Hunter, neuroimmune interactions, multiple sclerosis, autism

Pharmacology (SOM)

Computer Science and Engineering (COEN)

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Veterinary Science (CABNR)

  • Stan Omaye, nutrition & aging, environmental health

Philosophy (CLA)

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