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Leadership & Advisory Council

College of Science Leadership

  • Jeffrey S. Thompson, Dean
  • Russ Fields, Director
    Mackay School of Earth Sciences & Engineering
  • Gina Tempel, Associate Dean
    Director of Women in Science & Engineering
  • Katherine McCall, Associate Dean
  • Jack Hayes, Chair
    Department of Biology
  • Benjamin King, Chair
    Department of Chemistry
  • Javier Rojo, Chair
    Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Paul Neill, Chair
    Department of Physics
  • Jill Heaton, Chair
    Department of Geography
  • Wendy Calvin, Chair
    Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering
  • James Hendrix, Chair
    Department of Mining Engineering
  • Jim Faulds, Director
    Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
  • Graham Kent, Director
    Nevada Seismological Laboratory
  • John Muntean, Director
    CREG (Center for Research in Economic Geology)

COS Advisory Council

The College of Science is served by an advisory council of college alumni and friends with expertise in varied fields in academia, industry and public service. Its members provide invaluable ideas, insights and advice to enhance the relationship between the College of Science and its constituent communities to assist in providing quality programs for its students and advancing the College's goals and overall strategic vision.

Ron Bath
Founder/owner, The RJ Bath Group

John Burrows
President & CEO (retired), Cyanco Holding Corporation

April Carman
Project Manager - National Security Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Ann Carpenter
President, Remote Energy Solutions

Scott Chadwick
President, Pacific Pharmaceutical Services and Founder/President, Waterloo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ralph Courtnay
IT Executive (retired)

Robert Daugherty
Emeritus Dean SOM, UNR School of Medicine

Chris Deeney
Chief Technology Officer, National Securities Technologies

Ryan Dotson
Co-founder and Vice President, Fireball Information Technologies, LLC

Stephen Durham
Corporate Vice President, Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

Edward Epperson
President & CEO, Carson-Tahoe Regional Healthcare

Stephen E. Frank
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer (retired), Southern California Edison (Retired)

John Gibson
Board Chair (retired), American Pacific Corporation

Stephanie Hansen
Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories

Mick Hitchcock
Senior Advisor, Gilead Sciences

Bill Honjas
President & CEO, Optim

Donna Knotek
Director of Development, College of Science

Keith Lee
Attorney, Keith Lee Law Offices

Hawley MacLean
Managing Partner, MacLean Financial Group

Gene McClelland
President, McClelland Laboratories, Inc.

Ardythe McCracken
Foundation Professor Emeritus

Jim Megquier
Maxillofacial Surgeon (retired)

Tina Satterwhite
Associate Director of Laboratory Screening, Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

Robert Stachlewitz
Senior Site Director Preclinical Services, Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

Jeffrey S. Thompson
Dean, College of Science 

David P. Westfall
Emeritus Dean, College of Science and VP of Academic Affairs

David White
Dentist, David White, DDS

Emeritus Council Members

Gayle Block

James Johnson

Charles Liotta

Bob Mead

Sandra Miller

John Trijonis

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