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Faculty and Staff Recognition

Faculty and Staff Awards

The College of Science is proud of our faculty and our staff who support the college. Our distinguished faculty have received awards and recognition in the areas of research and teaching at both the university and Nevada State Higher Education (NSHE) system levels.

Faculty and Staff Award List

Mousel Feltner Award for Excellence in Research and/or Creative Activity* Indicates runner-up
(Est. in 1993)

  • 2015 Chris Jeffrey, Chemistry
  • 2014 Jason Shearer, Chemistry
  • 2013 Benjamin King, Chemistry
  • 2012 Matthew Forister, Biology
  • 2011 John Muntean, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
  • 2010 Jonathan Weinstein, Physics
  • 2009 Yasuhiko Sentoku, Physics
  • 2008 Liming Zhang, Chemistry
  • 2007 Tomasz Kozubowski, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2006 Andrei Derevianko, Physics
  • *2005 Stephen Jenkins, Biology
  • 2004 David Leitner, Chemistry
  • *2003 Mark Meerschaert, Mathematics and Statistics
  • *2002 Christopher Herald, Mathematics and Statistics
  • *2001 Vince Catalano, Chemistry
  • *2000 Kent Ervin, Chemistry
  • 1999 Paul Starrs, Geography
  • 1998 Bruno Bauer, Physics
  • 1995 Reinhard Bruch, Physics

Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award (Est. in 1983)

  • 2015 Vincent Catalano, Chemistry
  • 2012 Sarah Cummings, Chemistry
  • 2009 Ugur Alparslan, Mathematics and Statistics
  • *2004 Sean Casey, Chemistry
  • 2003 Suk-Wah Tam-Chang, Chemistry
  • 2002 Katherine McCall, Physics
  • 2000 Hyung Shin, Chemistry | *Rami Ali, Physics
  • 1998 Paul Starrs, Geography
  • *1997 Ellen Baker, Biology
  • 1995 John Frederick, Chemistry
  • 1992 Gary Hausladen, Geography
  • 1989 Robert Davis, Math
  • *1986 Hyung K. Shin, Chemistry
  • *1985 Gene LeMay, Chemistry
  • *1984 Thomas Frazier, Physics
  • 1983 Larry Scott, Chemistry

Gene LeMay Outstanding Teaching Award

  • 2015 Paul Neill, Physics
  • 2014 Birant Ramazan, Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2013 Vincent Catalano, Chemistry
  • 2012 Robert Sheridan, Chemistry
  • 2011 Jennifer Hollander, Biology
  • 2010 Sarah Cummings, Chemistry
  • 2009 Stephen Jenkins, Biology
  • 2008 Stanislav Jabuka, Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2007 Steve Wesnousky, Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • 2006 Roberto Mancini, Physics
  • 2005 Scott Mensing, Geography

Hyung K. Shin Outstanding Research Award

  • 2015 Ilia Zaliapin, Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2014 Matt Forister, Biology
  • 2013 Vladimir Pravosudov, Biology
  • 2012 Lee Dyer, Biology
  • 2011 David Leitner, Chemistry
  • 2010 Alla Safronova, Physics
  • 2009 Vladimir Ivanov, Physics
  • 2008 Franco Biondi, Geography
  • 2007 Steve Vander Wall, Biology
  • 2006 Wendy Calvin, Geological Sciences & Engineering
  • 2005 Roberto Mancini, Physics

Regents' Academic Advisor Award

  • 2008 Dick Tracy, Biology (graduate)
  • 2007 Scott Tyler, Geological Sciences and Engineering (graduate)
  • 2005 Eileen Hickey-Weber, Biology (undergraduate) | Christie Howard, Biology (undergraduate) | Scott Tyler, Geological Sciences and Engineering (undergraduate)
  • 2002 Joseph I. Cline, Chemistry (graduate)
  • 2000 Chris Exline, Geography (undergraduate)

Regents' Researcher

  • 2002 James Neil Brune, Seismology
  • 1996 David P. Westfall, Pharmacology, Emeritus Dean, College of Science
  • 1992 David Lightner, Chemistry

Regents' Teaching Award

  • 2007 Scott Mensing, Geography
  • 2004 Paul F. Starrs, Geography
  • 2002 Gary Hausladen, Geography
  • 1997 H. Eugene LeMay, Jr., Chemistry

UNR Foundation Professors

  • 2014 Lee Dyer, Biology
  • 2012 Scott Tyler, Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • 2010 Richard Schultz, Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • 2009 Kent Ervin, Chemistry
  • 2008 Steve Wesnousky
  • 2004 Ronald A. Phaneuf, Physics
  • 2002 Ardythe McCracken, Biology
  • 2002 Chaitan Gupta, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2000 Robert Sheridan, Chemistry
  • 1995 James N. Brune, Seismology
  • 1994 John Nelson, Chemistry
  • 1994 Richard Schweickert, Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • 1990 Richard D. Burkhart, Chemistry
  • 1987 David Westfall, Pharmacology
  • 1987 David Lightner, Chemistry
  • 1986 Balder Vig, Biology
  • 1985 Lawrence Scott, Chemistry
  • 1984 Hyung K. Shin, Chemistry

University Outstanding Researcher Award

  • 2014 David Leitner, Chemistry
  • 1989 David Westfall, Pharmacology, Emeritus Dean, College of Science
  • 1986 Bruce Blackadar, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 1981 Alan S. Ryall, Seismology
  • 1980 Lawrence Scott, Chemistry
  • 1979 Baldev Vig, Biology
  • 1978 David Lightner, Chemistry
  • 1975 Hyung K. Shin, Chemistry

Distinguished Faculty Award

  • 2008 David Westfall, Pharmacology, Emeritus Dean, College of Science
  • 2003 Hyung K Shin, Chemistry
  • 2001 Ross Smith, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  • 1995 Philip Altick, Physics

F. Donald Tibbitts University Distinguished Teacher Award

  • 2008 Steve Wesnousky, Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • 2006 Scott Mensing, Geography
  • *2004 Suk-Wah Tam-Chang, Chemistry
  • 2001 Paul Starrs, Geography
  • 1996 John Frederick, Chemistry
  • 1994 Gary Hausladen, Geography
  • 1993 James Carr, Geological Sciences and Engineering
  • 1991 Eugene LeMay, Chemistry
  • 1988 Christopher Exline, Geography
  • 1983 Donald Pfaff, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 1980 Fred A. Ryser, Biology
  • 1977 Alan Gubanich, Biology
  • 1974 Richard D. Burkhart, Chemistry
  • 1973 Donald Tibbitts, Biology

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor

  • 2014 Ben King, Chemistry
  • 2008 Brian Frost, Chemistry

College of Science Outstanding Service Award

  • 2015 Chris Feldman, Biology
  • 2014 Melodi Rodrigue, Physics
  • 2013 Christopher Herald, Mathematics & Statistics

College of Science Classified Employee of the Year

  • 2015 Jennifer Heck, Chemistry
  • 2014 Marie Russell, Geological Sciences & Engineering
  • 2013 Chris Sladek, Geological Sciences & Engineering
  • 2012 Celeste Johnson, Biology & Beverly McBride, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2011 Cheri Briggs, Biology and Shari Baughman, Geography
  • 2010 Brady Janes, Chemistry
  • 2009 Lori McClelland and Erik Williams, Seismology
  • 2008 Lucy Morris, Biology
  • 2007 Stephanie Neill, College of Science Dean's Office
  • 2006 Wade Cline, Dennis Meredith, Walt Weaver, Physics


Dr. Donald Mousel and Dr. William Feltner Annual Award for Excellence in Research (est. in 1993)

This award is given in recognition of outstanding research performance by a faculty member in the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno in a particular year or for a particular accomplishment. This award honors well-known and respected medical community members, Dr. Donald Mousel and Dr. William Feltner, who lent time, energy and provided gifts to various community and university causes.

Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award (est. in 1983)

The Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award honors outstanding teachers in the arts, humanities, and the natural and social sciences.

LeMay Award for Excellence in Teaching (est. in 2004)

The LeMay Award is to reward and encourage outstanding teaching in the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno in honor of Professor H. Eugene LeMay, Jr.

Hyung K. Shin Award for Excellence in Research (est. in 2005)

The Shin Award is to reward and encourage outstanding research in the College of Science at the University of Nevada, Reno, in honor of Professor Hyung K. Shin.

College of Science Classified Appreciation Award

This award recognizes the high quality of work and contributions by a classified staff member in the College of Science.


Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor

The Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor award recognizes and shows appreciation of the undergraduate research mentorship effort of University of Nevada, Reno faculty members.

University of Nevada, Reno Academic Advisor Award

The Academic Advisor Award is given annually to faculty or staff members with distinguished records of student advisement. Two awards are granted, one for undergraduate advisement and one for graduate advisement.

Foundation Professors

This honor recognizes and salutes the university's professors for outstanding achievements, particularly in research and teaching. The award is for a three-year period during which the individuals selected receive a $5,000 annual stipend to be used in professional endeavors, a one course per semester reduction in teaching load, and recognition at the annual Foundation Banquet in early fall. In addition, Foundation Professors' names appear in the University's Honor Court. Candidates for the award must meet the established criteria and are nominated by their deans in the spring of each year. Funding is provided by the UNR Foundation.

University Outstanding Researcher Award (first presented in 1975)

The award honors a faculty member who has participated significantly in original research which contributes to the university's distinction as a top research university.

Distinguished Faculty Award (first presented in 1991)

This faculty award is presented for a lifetime of significant service to the university and community through exceptional contributions to their profession, superior leadership and achieved excellence.

F. Donald Tibbits University Distinguished Teacher Award (first presented in 1973)

The award is presented to a faculty member for excellence in the classroom, giving greater recognition to teaching as a faculty activity, and is based on recommendations from college deans and department personnel.


Regents' Academic Advisor Award

The recipients of the University of Nevada, Reno award are then eligible for the Regent's Academic Advisor Award.  The Regents provide one system-wide award of $5,000 each for the Regent's Undergraduate Advisor Award and the Regent's Graduate Advising Award.

Regents' Researcher Award

The Nevada Regents' Researcher Award is given annually to one NSHE faculty member at UNLV, UNR, or DRI with a distinguished record in research. Although this award is intended for individuals, groups who by their collaboration have made major advances may be recognized as well.

Regents' Teaching Award

The Nevada Regents Teaching Award is given annually to a faculty member with a distinguished record of teaching.



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