College Highlights

"We’ve prospered and done exceptional things together because an underlying covenant within the mission of our college is that we all work exceptionally hard. When you’ve developed a culture like the one we have in the College of Science – one that is predicated on “Yes, let’s try this … let’s expand our capacity to do more” – hard work, long hours and the urge to reach one’s full potential are all part of the journey."

-Jeffrey S. Thompson, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Science

Student Centered

The College of Science puts a high value on personal attention paid to its students and emphasizes student-centered research experiences involving significant collaboration with faculty. Many of our academic programs require a research experience in the lab or in the field in order to graduate.

High Level of Research Funding

The College of Science faculty generate over $26 million a year in extramural research funding from federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, NASA, and the Department of Energy. This level of extramural funding benefits our students since many of them are able to be compensated for doing research.

Renowned Faculty

The College of Science faculty are nationally and internationally renowned in their respective academic disciplines and have earned their degrees from top institutions such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cal Tech, Cornell, and Princeton. Additionally, many of our faculty have been recognized for their accomplishments in both teaching and in research at the university, state, and national levels.

State-of-the-Art Building

The Davidson Math and Science Center, a new state-of the-art 100,000 sq. foot teaching and research facility opened in 2010, and houses undergraduate teaching laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics, as well as the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and the College of Science Deans Office.

Marketable Degrees

The College of Science is committed to ensuring student success and equipping students with the necessary technical and critical thinking skills to be marketable for the workplace and competitive for graduate schools.