Davidson Mathematics and Science Center

A 21st Century Environment for Learning and Research

The Davidson Mathematics and Science Center provides an integrated and centralized 21st century environment for learning and research.  This 100,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility has the following features:

  • The 464-seat Nell. J. Redfield Foundation Auditorium with a "walk-up, walk-out" stage that encourages lecturers to step down and interact with the audience; the stage area features three screens and two mobile podiums
  • 27 modern laboratories, each with the capacity for 20 to 24 students, and four large classrooms, each with the capacity for 75 students
  • Wireless internet access throughout the facility
  • Enhanced environmental controls and space for culture preparation in eight biological science laboratories
  • Increased glass hood space for improved observation and greater control over experiments in the seven general chemistry laboratories
  • Public meeting areas with whiteboards to foster student and instructor interactions outside classrooms and laboratories
  • Electronic interfaces, information technology platforms, projectors, modern audio visual and presentation equipment, whiteboards and pull-down screens in every laboratory and classroom
  • A 50-seat computational classroom (the largest on campus) to teach students the use of software for data analysis and visualization
  • Space for the Dean's Office, College of Science,  and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the administrative wing of the facility