Grant options

Phased and fast-track funding

Phase I programs generally provide six months of funding for proof of concept research or research & development (depending on agency). Typical funding range is $100,000 to $300,000 depending on agency and topic.

For a complete list of all currently open solicitations, including special calls for research topics, visit the SBIR open solicitations list.

Phase II programs generally provide 24 months of funding to bring the concept to the brink of commercialization. Typical funding range is $400,000 to $1,000,000 depending on agency and topic.

Phase II applications can generally only be made after successful completion of Phase I. In some cases, Phase II funding is only available by invitation from the Phase I funding agency.

Fast-track is a combined Phase I and Phase II award. NIH is the primary agency offering a fast-track option. NSF does not offer fast-track. For other agencies, please check their annual program announcement and/or solicitations. Fast-tracks require more effort upfront but can result in guaranteed, milestone-based funding of $1 million or more over a multi-year period.

TABA-DTA is Technical and Business Assistance, also referred to as Discretionary Technical Assistance depending on agency. For more on this, see the following About TABA-DTA section.

Phase I, II and TABA-DTA funding by agency (updated 1/19/2020)
Agency Phase I Phase II TABA-DTA Phase I/II
Department of Agriculture (USDA/NIFA) $100k $600k $6,500/$50k
Department of Defense $100-225k* $750k-1m* Up to $6,500/up to $50k*
Department of Education (IES) $200k $900k
Dept of Energy $225k $1.5m $6,500/$50k
EPA $100k $300k
Dept of Homeland Security $100-150k* $750k-$1m $6,500/$50k
NASA $125k $750k $0/$5k
NIH $225k* $1.5m* $6,500/$50k
NIST (Dept of Commerce) $100k $400k $6,500/$6500
NOAA (Dept of Commerce) $150k $400k
NSF $225k $1.5m $0/$10k
Dept of Transportation $150k $1m $5k/$10k

*Depending on the solicitation


Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) funding was introduced 2019, as part of the McCain National Defense Authorization Act. Previously called “Discretionary Technical Assistance” or “Direct Technical Assistance” (DTA), the success of these programs led to legislation funding broader adoption, as well as a renaming.

Some agencies have a dedicated TABA provider but an increasing number of agencies allow SBIR-STTR recipients to select their own TABA provider. SAGE is a qualified TABA provider.

In some cases, TABA provides funds above and beyond funding limits. In other cases, TABA must be budgeted into the funding limits. There is currently no uniformity across agencies. Read the program solicitations carefully to determine if TABA is available and the conditions for it.