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Directors... Greetings and welcome to the 56th Annual Reno Jazz Festival.

This page is specifically designed to help you prepare for the event. Required paperwork and important forms are now available below for you to download.

Questions? Contact us at:
CALL: 775-784-4278

Bring to the Festival

Set-list Form(s)
This form addresses the title and composer of each piece your group will perform as well as the soloists and the instruments they play.

To Do: Please complete this form and bring 4 copies with you to the event. Give all 4 copies to the room announcer before your scheduled performance.

Set-list Forms:
Set List Adjudication Forms (ALL) >
Set List Band Adjudication Form >
Set List Choir Adjudication Form >
Set List Combo Adjudication Form >

Announcer Form
This form addresses the school name, director name, title of the compositions as well as soloists and their instruments.

To Do: Please complete this form and give to the room announcer before your performance. Or, you can announce your own group if you prefer

Download Announcer Form

** Note ** You do not need to provide music to the judges; however, if you supply music copies, the judges can offer detailed feedback.

To Review Before the Festival

Sample Critique Form
The sample critique form details what the judges will be scoring on. Includes group strengths and weaknesses with a section for additional comments by the judges. These forms will be filled out by the judges during the school’s performance. The forms will then be given to the Directors by the Feedback Clinician during the school’s feedback session.

Sample Critique Forms ALL >
Sample Critique Form Bands >
Sample Critique Form Choirs >
Sample Critique Form Combos >

Photographer Form (Download)
"Musical Images" will photograph participating groups. Each director will receive one free image. The photographer form can be used by directors to order additional group photos.

To Do: If directors would like to order additional group photos, complete attached form and bring the form to the school’s photo session.

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