Recipients of the AIRE Grants

2015 AIRE Grant Winners

Faculty MemberCollegeEquipmentAmount Awarded
Duncan Aldrich Libraries Computers and classroom instructional technology $60,000
Scott Bassett College of Science Survey Grade Trimble GeoExplorer GeoXH 6000 GPS Units $24,600
Patricia Beninsone College of Science High-Speed Centrifuge and Rotors $64,589
Franco Biondi College of Science GS+ Geostatistics Software For The Environmental Science - Academic Classroom License $1,500
Iain Buxton School of Medicine Pharmaceuticals Laboratory $80,000
Indira Chatterjee College of Engineering Upgrade of the Radiofrequency/Microwave Anechoic Chamber $50,000
Dev Chidambaram College of Engineering Batteries and Fuel Cells Research and Teaching Laboratory $100,000
John Cushman College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources High-Throughput, Time-Domain Benchtop NMR $59,000
Joseph Delappe College of Liberal Arts Upgrades, Replacements & New Peripherals for Digital Media Studio $10,000
Peter Goin College of Liberal Arts Epson 3880 Printer/Canon 7D Cameras $10,000
Jack Heyes College of Science Field Vehicle $30,000
Markus Kemmelmeier College of Liberal Arts Psychophysiological Equipment For The Assessment of Luscular Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Neurophysiological Responses $6,495
Thomas Kidd College of Science Mini Protean Tetra Cell; Pipetters 2 - 2Oul; Pippetters 100 - 1000ul $5,294
Bernadette Longo Division of Health Sciences BAM-1020 Continuous Particulate Monitors $37,193
Bahram Parvin College of Engineering EVOS FL Auto Microscope (life Technology) $30,000
Jason Shearer College of Science AAPPTec Focus XC-2RV Peptide Synthesizer $55,280
Geoffrey Smith College of Liberal Arts Olympus Delta Premium Geochem Analyzer pXRF Unit $45,000
Mark Walker Cooperative Extension Videoconferencing equipment and upgrades $35,045
Carolyn White College of Liberal Arts Fieldwork equipment $10,000