Faculty travel grant instructions - completing the InfoEd application

Access InfoEd and Create a New Proposal

  1. Access InfoEd
  2. Click "Login" on the left side of the screen, and enter your NetID and password when prompted.
    Screenshot of InfoEd login button
  3. Once logged in, click “My Proposals” on the left side of the screen. Select, “Create New Proposal.”
    Note: If “Create New Proposal” is not visible, please contact Erika Waday, at ewaday@unr.edu, to request access.
    Screenshot of My Proposals list
  4. The “New Proposal Questionnaire” screen will appear, presenting the user with a series of questions (Steps 0-7) detailed below.

New Proposal Questionnaire

Step 0, Confirm PI

Confirm that your name is listed as the principal investigator (PI).
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 0; Shows the investigator's name filled-in ("Investigator, Polly")

Step 1, Create a “New” Proposal

Select “Create a New Proposal” from the “Do you want to…” drop-down list, and click “Continue to Next Step.”
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 1
Next, select “Setup Proposal Manually,” and click “Continue to Next Step.”
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 1 Continued

Step 2, Select Proposal Type

Select “New/Original,” and click “Continue to Next Step.”
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 2

Step 3, Select Sponsor

In the field provided, enter “UNR Research & Innovation Faculty Travel Grant Program,” and click to select. Click “Continue to Next Step” to advance.
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 3

Step 4

Step automatically skipped.

Step 5, Enter Proposal Title

Enter “FTG19_C3,” and click “Continue to Next Step.”
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 5

Step 6, Project Start and End Dates

Enter “030119” in the start date field, enter “063019” in the end date field, and click “Continue to Next Step.”
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 6

Step 7, Years and/or Budget Periods

Leave the drop-down list set to 1, and click “Continue to Next Step.”
Screenshot of the New Proposal Questionnaire, Step 7

Review the information entered in steps 0-7. If all is correct, click “Yes, Create Proposal.” Click, “No, Go back and make changes” to correct.

Step 8, Setup Questions

The “Deadline Date” and “Deadline Time” fields are prepopulated. Confirm that the “Associated Departments” and “PI Departments” fields match the department through which the application is being submitted. To update these fields, view the instructions for changing the departments. The “Additional Information” section near the bottom of the screen is not applicable. To advance and save screen edits, click, “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot of the "Associated Departments" and the "PI Departments"

Supporting Docs Screen

Click “Supporting Docs” on the left navigation. Here, you will upload required supporting documentation (abstract, acceptance letter/invitation, chair/dean letter of support, etc.). To upload documents, click “Add Institution Forms/Supporting Documents” below the “Form Name” section of the screen.
Note: Please do not upload a cover letter or application letter on this screen. You will be able to describe the significance, outcome and impacts of the travel on the Transmittal Form (covered in next section).
Screenshot of the link reading "Add Institution Forms/Supporting Documents." Click the link to initiate document upload.

The “Upload” screen will appear. Enter document name in the “Name” field, click the “Choose File” button, select file, choose “Miscellaneous” from the “Category” drop-down list, choose “Proposal Documents” from the “Folder” drop-down list, and then click “Upload.” Repeat the above process to upload further documents. When done, click the “Close” button to return to the “Supporting Docs” screen. Uploaded documents appear in the “Form/Document Name” section of the screen (at bottom). Next, check the “Complete” box in the bottom right corner of the screen of the “Supporting Docs” screen.
Screenshot of the "Upload" screen showing the fields, the "Upload" button, and the "Close" button to return to the "Supporting Docs" screen.

Transmittal Form Screen

Click “Transmittal Form” on the left navigation. This screen is a form. Load form fields by choosing “R&I Travel Grant Application” from the “Select Submission Type” drop-down list.
Screenshot of the "Submission Type" dropdown menu, with "R&I Travel Grant Application" selected.

Address all form fields. Then, check the “Complete” box in the upper right corner of the form.
Screenshot of the "Complete" button

Finalize Screen

Click “Finalize” on the left navigation. The electronic Transmittal form needs to be converted to PDF, so click “Build” in the “Assemble Application” section.
Screenshot of the "Assemble Application" page with the "Build" link selected.

Once InfoEd converts the Transmittal Form screen to a PDF, the user will automatically advance to the “Submit for Internal Review” area of the screen (detailed below). The PDF Transmittal Forms will appear in the “Form/Document Name” table as “Assembled Doc.”

Submit for Internal Review

You should now be on the “Submit for Internal Review” section (if not, click the “Submit for Internal Review” bar). Here, you will route the application for internal approvals and receipt by R&I. Initiate the route by clicking the thumbs up icon to the right of “Submit Final Review.”
Screenshot showing the thumbs-up icon to click on the "Submit for Internal Review" page

The pre-configured “R&I Travel Grant Approval” route path will appear in a pop-up window. Listed will be individuals needing to approve the application. Click “Submit” to activate the route.
Screenshot showing the approval route path and the "Submit" button.

Performing the PI Approval Route Step

With the application now routed for approval, exit the record by clicking the “Done” button in the upper left corner of the screen.
Screenshot showing the "Done" button selected.

As principal investigator, you will be the first to approve. You should be back on the main InfoEd screen. From the right screen navigation, click “My Action Items,” and select “Open.”
Screenshot showing the list of "My Action Items" and the "Open" button selected

You should see your application listed in “My Open Action Items.” Click the yellow file folder icon to the left of “Review and Approval.
Screenshot showing the open action items list with the "Review and Approval Needed" folder and the proposal listed underneath.

The reviewer dashboard screen will appear in a pop-up window. Here, you will log your approval. Click the “View” buttons in the “Open” column to review the application materials. Once reviewed, click the radio buttons in the green, “Reviewed” column, and then click the “Save” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now, select “Approved” from the “My Decision is:” drop-down list, and then click the “Save” icon. Click “OK” for any pop-up messages that appear. Your approval decision is now logged, and the route will advance to the next applicable step. You may now exit the screen and InfoEd.
Screenshot of the reviewer dashboard and the save button highlighted and the reviewer decision list as described above.

Route Steps Explained

Step 1, Applicant Approval

The travel grant applicant approves the application first.

Step 2, Dean Approval* (if applicable)

This step applies only when the applicant is a department chair/director (in which case the area dean approves the application). Step is skipped if not applicable.

Step 3, Chair/Director Approval*

The travel grant applicant’s chair/director approves the application.

Step 4, R&I Receipt

Ana de Bettencourt-Dias in Research & Innovation (R&I) reviews the application for completeness and applicant eligibility and will contact the applicant to address any application concerns. Received applications are forwarded to the review committee for consideration.

Step 5, Application Received Notice

The applicant receives a notification email when the application has been accepted by R&I.

*Note: A chair/director/dean may have a backup approver configured, so more than one name may appear in a route step; however, only one individual needs to approve in order to satisfy the step.

Monitoring the Route

One can monitor the route progress by revisiting the “Supporting Docs” screen. Click the yellow folder to the right of “Open Full” in the “Active Routing Progress” section of the screen. The “Notified” column lists the date a reviewer is notified to approve the application. Logged reviewer decisions appear in the “Decision” column.
Screenshot showing the "Routing Progress" view.

User Support

Please contact (775) 784-8262, for assistance.