Faculty travel grant checklist

We encourage academic faculty to engage in travel that will have clear outcomes linking to the University’s strategic goals and a positive impact for their department. These grants provide travel funding resources for faculty and are processed in cycles throughout the year.

The current application cycle for Faculty Travel Grants is on hold and we are not accepting applications. Due to the escalating severity of the COVID-19 outbreak, recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of State’s issuance of a Global Travel 3 alert, the University is suspending all University-supported international travel and non-essential domestic travel by University employees and students.

It is unknown at this time when these restrictions will change, therefore this Faculty Travel Grant cycle will remain on hold until further information is released.

Faculty Travel Grants will be processed in three cycles

  1. Travel occurring July 1 to October 31 (applications will be accepted Apr 1 to May 24)
  2. Travel occurring November 1 to February 29 (applications will be accepted August 1 to September 20)
  3. Travel occurring March 1 to June 30 (applications will be accepted December 1 to January 24)

Required documentation

Note: Please do not attach a cover letter or application letter. Please use only the spaces provided within InfoEd to describe significance, outcome and impacts of the travel.

  1. When presenting as a senior author or exhibitor, please provide the following:
    • Acceptance letter/formal invitation/conference program which includes documents showing your name/presentation information, conference title, place and date. Formal acceptance letter can be submitted after the grant application, if it is not available at the time of application
    • Abstract – this is mandatory, including all authors' names with the presenting author identified
  2. When interacting with a funding sponsor, please provide the following:
    • Invitation (an email will suffice)
    • Memo from the department chair/dean that addresses the trip’s purpose and desired outcome


  • Create and complete proposal in InfoEd
  • Route for approval: Applicant, Dean, Chair, Research & Innovation
  • Confirm that the Research & Innovation office has received your application

Research & Innovation contact information

Ross Hall 201
Mailstop 0403
Main phone: (775) 327-2363
Fax: (775) 327-2362