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Foss Science Kits & Engineering is Elementary Kits

PLEASE NOTE: Due to construction in the Raggio Research Center, kit availability is currently limited. Please call or email Danny Sierra to inquire about reserving a kit.

The Raggio Research Center is pleased to allow educators to borrow Foss Science kits and Engineering is Elementary kits for use in their classrooms! Kits include a teacher guide, student books, instructions, assessment ideas and supplies for activities in a range of subjects and grade levels.

In order to keep the kits fully stocked and updated, a $10 fee is required when you pick up your kit. We can accept cash or a check payable to "Board of Regents."

Please note:

  • Some kits require preparation before they can be released. Borrowers should plan in advance and provide 2-3 weeks' notice when possible to allow RRC staff time to prepare and/ or replenish kits.
  • Foss kits and Engineering is Elementary kits are costly. Borrowers must accept full responsibility for these items before signing them out.

To browse available kits or reserve a kit for use in your classroom, please fill out the form below. 

Feel free to contact Danny Sierra with any questions at or (775)784-8288.