NNELI Partner Washoe County School District

Our valued partner, Washoe County School District, has shared the following information to assist NNELI Pre-Service Cohort members as they endeavor to gain employment in the District.

Student Intern/New Teacher Information

Find more information about Washoe County School District's policies and practices for internships and interviews for current and applying new teachers or interns.

WCSD internship policy and practices.

WCSD interview policies.

Explanation of Substitute License

If student interns would like to become substitute teachers in WCSD, they will be fingerprinted twice—once for the state to receive their sub license, and once at our school police office so they can be hired as a district employee.


  1. $161.00 for NV substitute license
  2. $55.00 for WCSD fingerprints so they can be hired by the district and substitute teach
  3. The $55.00 is taken out of their paycheck when they work as a substitute

If a pre-service teacher/intern cannot afford or does not want to be hired as a substitute teacher in WCSD, they must be fingerprinted as a volunteer (no charge to intern). They may student teach in the District, but cannot be left alone with students. For example, if the student intern is teaching in the classroom, and the lead teacher is out for the day, the school will have to hire a substitute to sit in the class while the student intern in teaching.

For more information about minimum requirements for Substitute Teaching In Washoe County School District.

Washoe County School District

The Northern Nevada English Learning Initiative is in partnership with Washoe County School District.