The NNELI Community

2015-2016 Paraprofessional Group

NNELI is extremely proud of this group of Washoe County School District paraprofessionals who are participating in the NNELI grant paraprofessional development program   The group met for the first time September 9. 

DNA strand.NNELI

DNA presentation

Red licorice twists and gummies form edible DNA strands during a final presentation  July 24, the last day of the NNELI specialized STEM and academic language summer courses.  

NNELI Class Picture

The NNELI Community of Pre Service Teachers and Classroom Teachers

   NNELI participants stopped final presentations for a moment for a class photo.  Many in the group were wearing their own tie dye creations made in Dr. David Crowther's science sheltered instruction class.  The picture, was taken July 24, 2015, the final day of the NNELI specialized STEM and academic language summer courses, an intensive 3-week professional development program available only to NNELI participants.  

NNELI Event Provides Pre-Service Teachers Valuable Information Regarding State And Federal Initiatives

NNELI Pre-Service Teacher Cohort members, who are preparing to teach the growing population of English language learning (ELL) students, were given a valuable opportunity to learn about WiDA, Title III and Senate Bill 504 during an event at the Northern Nevada English Language Initiative (NNELI) offices in the Raggio Research Center, University of Nevada, Reno.  Jonathan Gibson, a former Nevada teacher who is now the Title III Education Programs Professional with the Nevada State Department of Education, was the guest speaker.  Following his presentation, Gibson asked, "What do state and federal initiatives regarding ELL  programs mean to you?"  To Gibson, it means that future ESL teachers have an opportunity of a lifetime for a rewarding career and, a significant return on their investment in their education.  

Jonathan's powerpoint