Equipment Requests

The Northern Nevada English Learning Initiative allows members to borrow iPads, laptops, camera equipment and science kits for use in their classrooms. These are expensive items, and borrowers will be expected to accept full responsibility for the item(s) before signing them out.

Technology Equipment Reservations/Videotaping

1. Borrowers should plan in advance, especially if interested in having staff assistance in videotaping. 4 weeks advance notice is needed to adjust schedules.

2. The Technology Coordinator works on Mondays, Wednesdays,  and Fridays. She is the primary person to assist with technology and videotaping. She is available to assist on those days only.

3. To arrange for videotaping, contact NNELI Technology Coordinator or call (775) 784-8288.

4. To reserve laptops/iPads/camera equipment, fill out the reservation form. 

NNELI Technology Equipment Reservation Form

Science Kit Reservations

1. Borrowers should plan ahead. 3-4 weeks is best, in case someone else has signed out the kit that you want.

2. To reserve Foss or EIE kits, fill out the science kit reservation form. 

NNELI Science Kit Reservation Form

Home Energy Audit Equipment Reservation

NNELI Home Energy Audit Equipment Reservation