Congratulations to the successful completers of the  NNELI Fall 2016 Paraprofessional Cohort. To stay involved in the NNELI community, please  follow our Facebook page.

NNELI provided selected TEACHER AIDES/ASSISTANTS and ESPs nine specially developed modules in ESL and STEM-based strategies as well as professional development and techniques to be more effective in the classroom. Module topics included:

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • WCSD ELA Standards and Use
  • GLAD/SIOP Strategies
  • NGSS Overview
  • Teaching/Learning Strategies
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
  • Technology
  • Professionalism

Each module included a face-to-face meeting each month. During the month, participants completed the rest of the module online.

Benefits Included...

  • Use of NNELI Resources- Science Kits and Audiovisual Equipment
  • Professional Networking with the NNELI Community
  • A stipend of $1000 upon completion of the college-level course

Best wishes and congratulations to the completers!