The Northern Nevada Energy Efficiency Teacher Training Initiative (NNEETTI) program is intended to train grade 7-12 teachers in innovative energy efficiency technology content, which will allow them to engage students in authentic data access, manipulation, and analysis. Teachers and students alike will be able to research energy phenomena in order to create energy saving solutions for their schools.

NNEETTI partners

Teachers and students from the Washoe County School District, Carson City School District, and Pyramid Lake Junior/Senior High School will be participants in this program. The NNEETTI program is dedicated to providing over 80 hours of technology and content-rich professional development for 35 teachers in these partner schools. Participants will be involved in a 40-hour summer workshop with six monthly professional development sessions and individualized technology problem solving meetings. Teachers completing this course will receive a stipend or three graduate credits from the University of Nevada, Reno. 

NNEETTI -partner engineers and scientists will interact with students to help them discover energy conservation methods through data analysis. There will be a wide range of curricular elements that students will learn from such as inquiry/discovery activities, data use in mobile environments, working with scientists and engineers, and communication with decision makers, allowing for different modes of instruction and learning. This will be a dynamic learning experience that will introduce students to innovative technologies and STEM experiences, helping point students towards careers within this field. 

Funding is provided by the Nevada Department of Education Math/Science Partnership Grant.

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NNEETTI Partners

NV Dept of Ed Logo

The Nevada Department of Education Math/Science Partnership Grant funded the Northern Nevada Energy Efficiency Teacher Training Initiative (NNEETTI) that supports the expansion of Project ReCharge.

UNR logo

The Raggio Research Center for STEM Education in the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno. As the prime grant institution and evaluator, UNR is responsible for aligning Project ReCharge curriculum to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), leading professional development classes to train teachers for implementation into the classroom and measuring and evaluating student learner outcomes.

Envirolution Logo

Envirolution is a Reno nonprofit organization focusing on dynamic STEM and sustainability education. As the subcontractor of the grant and creator of the Project ReCharge program, Envirolution is responsible for helping to develop and refine curriculum content, managing communication with teachers and program partners, and providing classroom resources and assistance to teachers.

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The Washoe County School District has been an active partner since the project's inception in 2013 and continues to be instrumental in introducing the project to local middle and high schools.

The Carson City School District adopted Project ReCharge in 2017 and is instrumental in introducing the project to local middle and high schools.

Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School will participate in the initial and ongoing NNEETTI partnership to inform program design, implementation and evaluation.

The Northwest Regional Professional Development Program (NWRPDP) will help facilitate and provide instruction for the 5-day summer professional development and provide support for follow-up sessions with teachers.