DELTA (Developing English Language Teaching Ability) is an ESL/STEM teacher preparation research project based in the Raggio Research Center for STEM Education in the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno. DELTA is a management and infrastructure solution for integrating and unifying stakeholders so that they may continue the work carried out by cross-disciplinary/cross-institutional, collaborative efforts in professional development, research, and outreach in improving instruction for English Learners (ELs), especially in STEM disciplines. 

DELTA's ultimate, long-term aspiration is the research, design and implementation of a multichannel pipeline for developing linguistically diverse teachers. To this end, DELTA addresses questions about the preparation of linguistically diverse teachers and how that preparation contributes to student learning and engagement. DELTA considers paths to bring linguistically diverse students into the teaching workforce and interventions to overcome barriers. DELTA collaborates with the Washoe County School District and the Nevada Department of Education, and engages stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, administrators, business, and interested community members.

For additional information contact DELTA at:  (775) 682-7877 or via email: