Public Health PhD Student Competencies

Public Health Ph.D. Core Competencies

  • PHD1. Critically evaluate and synthesize scientific literature
  • PHD2. Develop original research hypotheses and research questions that will advance public health knowledge
  • PHD3. Evaluate, justify, and apply appropriate methodological and analytical approaches to address public health research questions
  • PHD4. Apply ethical principles pertaining to the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of public health data
  • PHD5. Effectively defend research methodology and findings through concise scientific writing and oral presentations
  • PHD6. Manage and analyze data using classic and modern approaches appropriate for various study designs using software packages such as SAS, R, STATA, SPlus, and WinBUGS
  • PHD7. Interpret results from statistical analyses of epidemiologic studies
  • PHD8. Defend analytical models and the results from statistical inferences to diverse audiences through written and oral presentations.
  • PHD9. Justify and apply statistical theory and methodology in public health and medical research
  • PHD10. Formulate appropriate sampling strategies
  • PHD11­. Demonstrate theoretical knowledge about the influence of diversity and social determinants on health
  • PHD12. Design and evaluate psychometric properties of health surveys
  • PHD13. Construct and evaluate models for causal inference and demonstrate their practical application to epidemiologic data

Epidemiology Specialization Competencies

  • PHD_EPI2. Examine biologic models of disease etiology
  • PHD_EPI3. Apply biological and molecular concepts into epidemiologic research design

Social and Behavioral Health Specialization Competencies

  • PHD_SBH1. Justify appropriate qualitative research methodology
  • PHD_SBH2. Formulate the history, principles, goals or methods in Health Promotion
  • PHD_SBH3. Critically evaluate, justify, and implement appropriate theory for dissemination and implementation science
  • PHD_SBH4. Demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach by integrating an outside academic area into scholarly work