Accelerated BS to MPH Admissions

Please Note: The Accelerated BS to MPH program is not yet in operation. As soon as it completes the UNR program review process (expected before Spring 2018), the links on this page will be activated, and the School will begin accepting applications to the program. For more information, please contact Dr. Roy Oman: Director, Undergraduate and Graduate Program Studies, at

Admission Requirements Undergraduates are accepted to the University of Nevada, Reno per the University of Nevada, Reno Admissions process. Students in the Accelerated program must also apply to the MPH program  (linked to MPH Academic page) through the MPH Program admissions process, per the following guidelines:

  • Regular fall admission: April 15 is the deadline is for students seeking admission for the following fall semester. Students apply to the MPH program in their junior year at the conclusion of the fall semester.
  • CHS major in good standing (see below).
  • GPA: 3.2 overall and within CHS major; any exceptions will need approval from the School of Community Health Sciences (SCHS) Graduate Admissions Committee.
  • GRE: The GRE should be taken during the student's junior year to be ready for submission  in the spring semester, along with all other application materials. GRE scores of accepted students are typically above the 40th percentile. However, scores will be assessed relative to other applicants in the pool and considered in the context of the overall application package. The exam must have been taken within the last five (5) years. MCAT or GMAT scores may be substituted for the GRE.
  • Seventy-five (75) credits toward the BS degree completed before application to the MPH program.
  • Three letters of recommendation, two of which must be from SCHS faculty.
  • Statement of Purpose: The essay should be approximately 500 words in length, addressing applicant's career objectives and interest in graduate study.

Application materials submitted to SOPHAS and the Graduate School, following regular MPH admission procedures