Behavioral Education and Consultation Services

What is BECS?
In 1990, the Behavior Analysis Program in the Department of Psychology through the University of Nevada, Reno established the PATH and STEP Programs for individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities through service contracts with the State of Nevada Health and Human Services, Sierra Regional Center. Over the years of serving clients and training Behavior Analysts, hundreds of undergraduate and more than 75 Graduate students have gained clinical and business experience in service provision for this population. Recently we have expanded the PATH program to include the BASIC program for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and have established a contract with the Washoe County School District to bring ABA into classrooms - Thus transforming PATH into a Behavioral Consultation undertaking under the umbrella of the UNR Behavioral Education and Consultation Services (BECS).

Our Mission
BECS is an Applied Behavior Analysis clinical service through the University of Nevada, Reno. We seek to provide services to our community and also give students and staff a hands-on learning experience in behavior analytic services within the field of human services. BECS is also a Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) training site for students involved in the science and practice of behavior analysis. Some of our clientele include adults with intellectual disabilities along with children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. Working at BECS provides the opportunity for students to develop and hone their personal, academic, and career skills for employment, as well as preparing them for graduate school.

The Person-centered Assessment, Training and Habilitation program (PATH) is a clinical training and research program that provides a variety of services for adults with intellectual disabilities. PATH seeks to establish the optimal learning methods for individuals with pervasive or intensive support needs, especially in the areas of basic self-maintenance, social interactions, and communication.

PATH is a fast-paced clinical environment, but also an interesting and supportive introduction into the world of ABA and learning. PATH is currently in the process of transforming to an assessment and intervention clinic to support the State of Nevada in their endeavors to support community living agencies, the school system, and other day services for persons with Intellectual or Neurodevelopmental issues.

BASIC was founded in 2013 as a means to provide ABA services to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. BASIC specializes in providing ABA services these children and their families. Staff work hands-on with children in the clinic, at the child's home, and even in the child's school. Our goal is to help families achieve goals that are meaningful to both the child and the family as a whole.

UNR Behavior Education and Consultation Services

  • Provides OBM consolations services for community organizations in addressing systemic issues related to staff behavior and operational productivity

UNR Behavior Consultation

  • Offers community consultation for services to staff, organizations and families related to individual behavior problems and skill remediation

Washoe County School District
In 2016, BECS partnered with the Washoe County School District to bring behavior analytic services into some of the challenging problem behavior classrooms with WCSD schools. Currently, a team of WCSD staff, along with UNR graduate and undergraduate students, are working with the faculty at Marvin Picollo School to establish class-wide behavior analytic procedures to better the school experience and performance of students for students with significant behavioral Issues.

Student Experience and Training: Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB)
The world of ABA is regulated by the BACB to ensure that only individuals with the proper training are providing ABA services. BECS is a University-based clinic with BACB accreditation, therefore we also seek to help students and staff alike accumulate a meaningful, and useful, career experience.

Course Credit
BECS, as a training clinic, welcomes students interested in gaining experience in the field of Behavior Analysis. Along with the potential for paid positions, we also offer course work that satisfies University Directed Learning requirements, a course to gain Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credentials, and just an overall introduction into ABA and human services. Current classes being offered are PSY 275, 375, or 440. In addition, students have the opportunity to work as research assistants and receive letters of recommendation for graduate school. Students can register for one to three credits per semester, and complete their hours on their own schedule. BECS offers flexibility regarding the number of hours completed per week and can work around job schedules and classes.

PSY 440: Registered Behavior Technician Track
The first level of BACB credentialing is the RBT. Here at BECS, we support all staff in their journey to obtain this credential for themselves. PSY 440 was designed to meet the BACB requirements, but also adds on some additional training and supports along the way. PSY 440 consists of a 40-hour online-based lecture, in-class discussion, and hands-on training with clients. Students who successfully complete this course will meet the requirements to sit for the RBT exam.

BECS offers exceptional one-on-one training for students in Behavior Analytic principles and clinical treatment. Employment at BECS is considered on-campus employment by the University of Nevada, Reno and offers flexible hours and a pay range from $8.25-$13.00 /hour with opportunities for a raise about every six months. BECS offers hands-on, direct experience with consumers that will look great on a resume.


Clinic Phone: (775) 682-8435