Promotion and tenure instructions for deans and college-level personnel committees

The college-level personnel committee reviews each case and notes whether the department followed the appropriate process. The committee prepares its own written evaluation, which should present a full analysis of the application for promotion and/or tenure in the context of the discipline and the expectations established in the college bylaws. It should also identify points of agreement and/or disagreement with the evaluation sent forward by the department chair.

Dean's letter

The dean’s letter should present a cogent analysis of the application for promotion and/or tenure that places it in the context of the discipline and college expectations. It should state the dean’s evaluation of performance and recommendation for or decision against promotion and/or tenure.

If the dean concurs with the evaluation terms used in each area by the department chair, the dean should sign the evaluation form. If the dean does not concur but does support promotion and/or tenure, the dean should write the amended rating on the form and initial it before signing.

The application packet

Application packets should be arranged in the following order before submission to the Office of the Provost. All letters must be originals with signatures unless otherwise specified.

All packets must be complete at the time of submission to the Office of the Provost. To aid in electronic processing, application packets should not be bound or stapled but should be held together with binder clips or placed in folders. Packets that are incomplete and/or disorganized will be returned to the dean/college.

Do not send the full file of supplemental materials to the Office of the Provost with the application packet. These materials should be retained at the college or department level until a final decision on the promotion and/or tenure application has been made.

Deadline for application submission

The deadline for submission of applications to the Office of the Provost is November 1. Please contact Leslie Nady if you have any questions.

Leslie Nady, Chief of Staff
Office of the Provost
(775) 784-1255

  • Material to include in the application packet
    • University of Nevada, Reno Application for Promotion & Tenure Application
    • University of Nevada Reno Department Chair Evaluation
    • Letter from Department Personnel Committee
    • Letter from Department Chair
    • Letter from College Personnel Committee
    • Letter from Dean
    • Chair’s Report of External Reviewers
    • External peer-review letters (Letters may have been submitted electronically or on paper but must be signed. A digital signature is acceptable.)
    • Copy of Chair’s letter to outside reviewers
    • Table of contents and/or summary overview of supplemental materials

    Packets for tenure applications must also include copies of the following:

    • Progress-toward-tenure letters from the third-year review (from both chair and dean), fourth, and fifth (from chair) years
    • Annual evaluations for the full probationary period