Sabbatical leave application instructions

The Office of the Provost will review the applications for completeness, provide the Professional Development Leave Committee members with electronic copies of all completed applications, and schedule meetings of the committee. The Professional Development Leave Committee chair will convene the committee to review the applications. The committee will evaluate the proposal using the criteria specified on the application form and the review criteria on the last page of this document.

The committee's recommendations, in a rank-ordered list, will be submitted to the Executive Vice President and Provost. The Executive Vice President and Provost makes the final decision on leave applications.

Download sabbatical leave application instructions (.docx)

Download a sabbatical leave application (.docx)

Sabbatical leave application materials

Applicants shall submit the following materials to the department chair/supervisor by the department/unit deadline:

1. Completed and signed application

2. Abbreviated CV with the following information (four-to-six pages maximum)

  • Education (institutions, degrees, and year awarded)
  • Professional positions held
  • Publications with complete citation data, including dates and page numbers, co-authors, etc.
  • Professional papers, talks, and exhibitions or performances
  • Other research, scholarly or creative effort
  • University service activities, including departmental, college, university and system duties and committee assignments
  • Professional service
  • Community service
  • Memberships in professional organizations (include dates and any offices held)
  • Other professional activities of note (editing journals, reviewing, etc.)
  • Other significant accomplishments and recognitions

3. Letters of support

  • If the applicant plans to conduct work elsewhere during the leave, then provide letters of support from individuals or institutions that will host the applicant during the leave period.
  • If the applicant will receive monetary support from internal or external sources in addition to sabbatical salary and department/college/university funding for research travel, then include appropriate letters that describe this support.

Do not submit applications in binders or include supplemental materials not requested in these directions.

Department Chair or Supervisor

The department chair/supervisor shall do the following:

  • Prepare a Letter of Evaluation for the application. The chair’s letter must address all questions on the Letter of Evaluation form. The chair must evaluate and rank the application and justify the evaluation and ranking in terms of the criteria for leaves.
  • Submit applications and documents. Submit all complete applications and supporting documents from the department/unit to the dean/vice president by the college/division deadline.
Dean or Vice President

The dean/vice president shall do the following:

  • Evaluate and rank applications. Evaluate and rank each application from the college/division and justify the evaluation and ranking in terms of the criteria for leaves.
  • Submit applications and documents. Submit all complete applications and supporting documents from the college/division to the Office of the Provost by the date specified on the academic affairs calendar.