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Core Curriculum Board and Committees

Core Curriculum Board for 2015-16

Chair: P. Elliott Parker, Core Curriculum Director

Voting Members:

  1. Nora Constantino, Division of Health Sciences (term expires in 2017)
  2. Sarah Cummings, College of Science (term expires in 2017)
  3. Greta de Jong, Director, Core Humanities (ex officio)
  4. Jane Detweiler, College of Liberal Arts (term expires in 2016)
  5. Hyun-Joo Jeon, College of Education (term expires in 2017)
  6. Melissa Nicolas, Director, Core Writing (ex officio)
  7. Fran Ryan, College of Business (term expires in 2016)
  8. David Shintani, CABNR (term expires in 2018)
  9. Ryan Suppe, Representative for ASUN President (ex officio)
  10. Aleksey Telyakovskiy, Director, Core Math (ex officio)
  11. Victor Vasquez, College of Engineering (term expires in 2016)

Non-Voting Members:  These require the approval of the Core Board.

C. Russell Stone, Director, University Assessment & Accreditation
Maureen McBride, Director, Writing Center
Danelle Clarke, Director, Math Center (ex officio)
Derek Furukawa, Advising (liaison)
Joe Cline, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (ex officio)
Maureen Cronin, Admissions & Records (liaison)
Melissa Deadmond, TMCC (liaison)
Dianne Hilliard, WNC (liaison)
Mark Kemmelmeier (CO6 liaison)
Katy Schleef, Curriculum Specialist
Diann Jones, Core Administrative Assistant

Core Committees

Effective Composition & Communication [CO1]

  • Chair: Donica Mensing, Journalism
  • Maureen McBride, Director, Writing Center [CCB]
  • Mary Groves, Business

Quantitative Reasoning [CO2]

  • Chair: Mariah Evans, Sociology
  • Aleksey Telyakovskiy, Core Mathematics [CCB]
  • Kim Rollins, Economics

Critical Analysis & Use of Information [CO3]

  • Chair: Pat Ragains, Libraries
  • Melissa Nicolas, Core Writing [CCB]
  • Alison Gaulden, Journalism

Physical & Natural Phenomena [CO4]

  • Chair: Nora Constantino, Community Health Sciences [CCB]
  • Pat Arnott, Physics
  • Jim Carr, Geology
  • Veronica Zepeda, Biochemistry

History & Culture [CO5]

  • Chair: Thomas Harrison, Education
  • Greta de Jong, History [CCB] 
  • Brett Van Hoesen, Art
  • John Nolan, Managerial Sciences

Cultures, Societies, & Individuals [CO6]

  • Chair: Mark Pingle, Economics
  • Mark Kemmelmeier, Sociology [CCB]
  • Eric Herzik, Political Science
  • Chris Williams, Philosophy

Artistic Composition, Interpretation, & Expression [CO7]

  • Chair: Paul Torkelson, Music
  • Hyun-Joo Jeon, Education [CCB]
  • Tamara Scronce, Art
  • Cari Cunningham, Dance

Constitution [CO8]

  • Chair: Alan Deutschman, Journalism
  • Greta de Jong, History [CCB] 
  • Eric Herzik, Political Science
  • Katharine Schweitzer, Philosophy

Science, Technology, & Society [CO9]

  • Chair: Guy Hoelzer, Biology
  • Danelle Clarke, Math Center [CCB]
  • Dana Edberg, Information Systems
  • Nancy Markee, NRES
  • Chris Morgan, Anthropology

Diversity & Equity [CO10]

  • Chair: Sandra Ott, Basque Studies
  • Derek Furukawa, Advising [CCB]
  • Larry Dailey, Journalism
  • Eleni Oikonomidoy, Education
  • Albert Lee, Music

Global Contexts [CO11]

  • Chair: Berch Berberoglu, Sociology
  • Maureen Cronin, Admissions & Records [CCB]
  • Louis Marvick, World Languages & Literature
  • Glenn Miller, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  • Mehmet Tosun, Economics

Ethics [CO12]

  • Chair: Katharine Schweitzer, Philosophy
  • David Shintani, Agriculture, Biotechnology, & Natural Resources [CCB]
  • Caesar Andrews, Journalism
  • Jodi Barker, World Languages & Literature
  • Erin Grinshteyn, Community & Health Sciences

Integration & Synthesis [CO13]

  • Chair: Susan Lentz, Criminal Justice
  • Sarah Cummings, Chemistry [CCB]
  • Jamie Benedict, Nutrition
  • Bill Macauley, Core Writing
  • Jim Sundali, Managerial Sciences

Application [CO14]

  • Chair: Jeanne Wendel, Economics
  • Fran Ryan, Managerial Sciences [CCB]
  • Marlene Rebori, Cooperative Extension
  • Rod Case, Education
  • Tamara Valentine, Honors
  • Pamela Sandstrom, Biology


  • Chair: C. Russell Stone [CCB]
  • Jane Detweiler, CLA
  • Ann Medaille, Libraries
  • Amy Pason, Communication Studies
  • Yvonne Stedham, Managerial Sciences

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