Core Curriculum Course Proposals

All Core Curriculum course proposals must include the following:

  1. A memo explaining how the course meets the guidelines, goals or learning outcomes of the specific academic area of the Core. Please address each guideline specifically.
  2. Information regarding course assessment of student learning and assessment as it relates to the core curriculum objectives. Student assessment, any external assessment and/or any newly planned methods of assessment.
  3. A course syllabus, including course texts, goals, student reading and writing requirements, a grading scale, and a schedule indicating how much class time will be devoted to each major topic or issue. For proposed Capstone courses, the syllabus should identify the course as a Capstone, and state that the course will require students to integrate skills and knowledge gained from previous Core Curriculum coursework.
  4. A supplemental reading list or bibliography.

How to submit Core Curriculum course proposals

For NEW course proposals, Core Curriculum course proposal materials may be included as part of a new course proposal to the UCCC (see Create a new course). Proposals will be routed to the Core Curriculum Office for review by the Core Curriculum Board and appropriate subcommittee(s).

For EXISTING courses (those that have already received UCCC approval), Core Curriculum course proposal materials should be submitted directly to the Core Curriculum Office (

Course proposal materials should be submitted in Word or PDF format, and should include the proposer's name and contact information.