Political Science Jobs

Like all the disciplines in the liberal arts, a degree in political science is not a vocational or professional degree. It is not intended to provide training for any one specific career. Nevertheless, an undergraduate major in political science is appropriate and valuable preparation for a wide variety of careers. Any professional whose work involves the public domain would benefit from the knowledge gained and the critical skills developed.

Political science majors follow varied paths after graduation. A survey reported that 56 percent of the political science graduates intended to seek immediate employment, while another 37 percent planned to pursue graduate or professional education. Of the latter, 74 percent were headed for law school. Medical, business schools and graduate departments in the social sciences were each the immediate goals of 6.5 percent of the graduates.

Those who planned to enter the workforce intended primarily to enter business (29.2 percent), media, advertising or journalism (15.3 percent), and government or politics (12.5 percent). Former majors hold a wide variety of responsible positions. A 2000 survey reported that graduating seniors will serve as a management consultant, an account executive assistant, a teacher, a campaign manager and a policy analyst. By majoring in political science, previous University of Nevada, Reno undergraduates have enjoyed access to numerous and different careers in the public and private sectors.

A career in teaching and research at the university level provides another professional option for those who plan to continue their education through the doctoral degree. The profession continues to enjoy the traditional advantages of academic life including intellectual engagement through teaching and research, self‐directed work, and interaction with students in a learning environment. In addition, scholars in most political science fields find that opportunities are available to bring their expertise to bear on pressing public issues. An academic political science career can be an exciting and highly rewarding career choice.

International affairs job prospects

Graduates of the international affairs program may seek careers in international organizations, the travel and tourism industry, international marketing, teaching, translating, intelligence analysis, private or public international law, diplomacy, and other professions that use special international knowledge. For such careers, mastery of at least one language is essential.

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