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Political Science is a broad and inclusive discipline. Students have many avenues to consider, but with guidance from the department's faculty and staff, they can be successful in their pursuit of a degrees, as well as any career path after graduation.

Some political scientists are psychological researchers who want to understand why people behave the way they do politically. Some political scientists study institutions such as legislatures, courts and bureaucracies. Others seek to know the whys and wherefores of judicial processes and constitutional issues. Some study foreign political systems to learn how their political systems work and why they differ from ours and each other.

Other political scientists are intellectual historians and social critics who are interested in the quest for the good society. Still others are policy analysts. Some are omnibus students of American politics. Some are statistical theorists and specialists in surveying political attitudes. Some investigate the causes of war and the conditions for peace among nations.

Amid this wide diversity of interests and approaches lies a common concern with anything "political" - issues, institutions, behavior, power and public goods. Political scientists also share a common interest: the public arena of human society, the uses of power and persuasion, and the ideas which shape it. The different pursuits and the varied methodologies of political scientists all are directed in one way or another toward promoting this common goal of understanding politics.


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