Violence Prevention Program

The Violence Prevention Program is designed to promote and improve campus community safety through a proactive, multi-disciplinary, coordinated and objective approach. 

The Threat Assessment and Management approach is a best practice for the identification, assessment, intervention, management, and prevention of situations that pose, or may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of our campus community.  (students, faculty, staff, and visitors ).

The Program consists of a centralized reporting system.  Once a report is received, the threat assessment process is initiated.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine if an individual or situation poses, or may reasonably pose, a threat of violence to self, others, or the campus community and to intervene to avert the threat and maintain the safety of the situation. 

All concerning behaviors exhibited by students, employees, visitors, and non-affiliated persons will be evaluated in an attempt to prevent violence to ensure the campus remains a safe and secure working and learning environment.

The threat assessment process depends on the expertise in the areas of law enforcement, mental health, student services, human resources and legal counsel to ensure an appropriate response.  Other professional members may be consulted as needed.