Safety and Training

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Map of Campus Blue Light Phones

Emergency Blue Light Phones are located throughout the campus. The phones provide a direct line to Police Services in the event on an emergency.

Safe Pack Safety App for iPhone and Android

Upload the QR code below to download the Safe Pack Safety app to your phone or tablet. The app is a great resource for emergency contact and safety information.


Collected videos include public service announcements and promotional videos from multiple University departments exhibiting officers and endorsements from University Police Services. 

Protecting Personal Property

Please download and fill out this Property Checklist. Keeping track of your valuable items and important personal property can help police if items are lost or stolen. Once completed, keep the form in safe place for your personal records. The information on the form will be needed to enter your property with the National Crime Information center, or to be returned to you if recovered.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety
University Police work closely with the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, Nevada Department of Transportation and the Regional Transporation Commission in promoting traffic and pedestrian safety.


By educating yourself and following "best practice" safety tips you can better ensure a comfortable and successful campus experience on the grounds of the University of Nevada, Reno and throughout the adjoining locals.

Safety Classes

Take charge of your personal safety. Being informed and prepared can help you stay safe. Below are some of the classes offered through Police Services:

  • Alcohol Programs
  • Women's Self Defense Classes: Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) or Girls on Guard.

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  • Domestic Violence
  • Traffic Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Threat Assessment