Graduate Seminars

Alkali Atoms In Solid para-H2 Optical Properties And Spin Coherence Sunlil Upadhay May 18, 2018
Physics of traditional valve amplifiers and transistor amplifiers used in musical equipment Eric Dutra April 12, 2018
Long lived quantum coherences in a V-type system strongly driven by a thermal environment Suyesh Koyu November 2, 2017
Electrical Instabilities in Warm, Expanded Aluminum Trevor Hutchinson October 16, 2017
Finding Limitations of the MMI Instrument Using 3D Ray Tracing Dylan Cliche October 12, 2017
Applications of X-ray Spectroscopy to HED Plasmas with Emphasis on X-ray Line Polarization Emil Petkov October 5, 2017
Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Sunlil Upadhyay September 28, 2017
Synoptic Analysis of Dust Storms over Saudi Arabia Yazeed Alsubhi September 21, 2017
Energy's Child: Defining the Tropospheric Large Scale Wave Structure and Estimating the Predictability of Seasonal Weather Marshall Liddle September 14, 2017
X-Ray Line Polarization of Mo X-Pinch Radiation Ryan Childers September 7, 2017
Line Emission and X-Ray Line Polarization of Multiply Ionized Mo Ions Emil Petkov April 27, 2017
Quantum Coherent Dynamics of the V-System Strongly Driven by Incoherent Light  Suyesh Koyu April 13, 2017
Simulations of Plasma Column Expansion in Neon Gas Cell Experiments Daniel Mayes April 6, 2017
Three Dimensional X-Ray Tracing of the MMI Instrument Dylan Cliche March 31, 2017
Investigation of Isentropic and Weak Shock Compression of Solid, Aluminum Cylinders with a Semi-Analytical Code Bill Largent March 16, 2017
Experimental Observation of the Electrothermal Instability Under a Dielectric Inertial Tamper Trevor Hutchinson March 9, 2017
Analysis of Fast Electrons and the Acceleration of Heavy Ions at the Texas Petawatt Laser Facility Tyler Daykin December 8, 2016
L-Shell Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Radiation from Krypton HED Plasma Sources Emil Petkov December 8, 2016
Magnetic Field Measurements of Magnetized Plasmas Using Zeeman Broadening Diagnostics Showera Haque December 1, 2016
Experiments and Modeling of Coronal Plasma Formed by Exploding Wires in Z-Pinch Experiments
Eric Dutra December 1, 2016
Spatial and Temporal Investigations of the Density and Composition of Carbon Plasma Plumes Produced by Laser Ablation Jeremy Iratcabal November 17, 2016
Testing the Rotation Stage for the ARIADNE Axion Experiment Jordan Dargert November 17, 2016
Simulation of Solid Cylinder Compression by Magnetic Fields with a Semi-analytical Billy Largent October 27, 2016
Focusing Crystal X-ray Spectroscopy of High Temperature and Density Laboratory Plasmas Matthew Cooper October 27, 2016
Cold Atoms Optically Coupled to Levitated Nanospheres Cris Montoya October 20, 2016
Extraction of the spatial structure of Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion Plasmas via Polychromatic Tomography Kyle Carpenter October 20, 2016
X-ray Characteristics of Mixed Noble Gas Jet Irradiated with the Titan Laser at LLNL Kimberly Schultz October 13, 2016
Neon Photoionized Plasma Experiment at Z Daniel Mayes October 13, 2016
Exploring Experimental Parameters for Pulsed, Isentropic J x B Compression of Solid Metal Bill Largent May 5, 2016
High Temperature Precursor Plasmas of Moderate Atomic Number Materials Produced with 1-1.7 MA Current  Austin Stafford April 28, 2016
 Spectroscopic measurement of the Titanium - Helium van der Waals molecule: TiHe Nancy Quiros April 21, 2016
Photoionized Neon Plasma Experiments  Daniel Mayes April 14, 2016
Determining the Spatial Structure of MagLIF Plasmas  Kyle Carpenter April 7, 2016
Nanophysics: opportunities and challenges
A case study on multi-dimensional ZnO nanostructures
Amin Nourmohammadi March 30, 2016
Development of a New Method to Infer the Total Kinetic Energy of Non-Thermal Electron Beams in Z-pinch Experiments Benjamin Hammel March 17, 2016
Studies using a1-Dimensional, Physics-Based Model, for a Volcanic Column-Plume: Experiments, Results, and Implications Marco Giordano March 9, 2016
Kinetic Modeling of Ultra-Intense X-Ray Laser-Matter Interactions Ryan Royle March 3, 2016
Estimating Solar Panel Degradation due to Aerosol Deposition using Discrete Dipole Approximation Patricio Piedra February 25, 2016
Neutron Detection, Production, and Detector Modeling on Zebra Erik McKee November 12, 2015
Spectroscopic Measurements of Molecular Emission from the Laser Ablation of Solid Targets Jeremy Iratcabal November 5, 2015
Analysis Of Fast Electron Energy Distribution By Measuring Hard X-ray Bremsstrahlung Tyler Daykin October 29, 2015
Atmospheric conditions associated with extreme precipitation in the Transverse Ranges of Southern California Nina Oakley October 22, 2015
Magnetic Field Measurements in Magnetized Laser Plasmas Using Zeeman Broadening Diagnostics  Showera Haque October 15, 2015
 Imaging Methane via MFPAD Brandon Griffin October 8, 2015
Spectroscopic search of the van der Waals molecule Titanium- Helium (TiHe)  Nancy Quiros October 1, 2015
 Electron-Beam Driven Ablation for Shock Loading Benjamin Hammel September 24, 2015
X-ray Spectropolarimetry by Single Crystals to Investigate Energetic Electron Beams in Wire Array Z-Pinches Matthew Wallace September 17, 2015
Characterization of pure and mixed noble gas jets and analysis of X-ray emission after interaction with a laser pulse Kimberly Schultz September 10, 2015
A New Perspective for Cosmology Kyle Swanson September 3, 2015
On the Basic Physics of Surface Wind Analysis: An Overview of Data Collection, Analysis, and an Application Marco Giordano April 23, 2015
Photo-Catalysis in generation of Hydrogen from water Vijay Khanal April 16, 2015
Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion  Kyle Carpenter February 12, 2015
Fast Impact Ignition, a Promising Approach for achieving ICF Tyler Daykin February 5, 2015
On Aspects of Opto-physically Characterizing the Terrestrial Aerosol: Strategies, Methods and Experiments Marco Giordano December 4, 2014
Laser Spectroscopy of LiHe, a van der Waals Molecule  Naima Tariq May 8, 2014
Demonstration of Two-Dimensional High-Resolution Velocimetry  Benjamin Hammel May 1, 2014
Aerosol Optical and Physical Properties during the California Wildfires Air Dambar April 24, 2014
Neutron Detection, Production, and Detector Modeling on Zebra Erik McKee April 17, 2014
Absorption Spectrum of Rubidium in Solid Neon Matrix Pawan Pathak April 10, 2014
Hydrodynamic Stability and Tracer Spatial Distribution in Ti-Doped OMEGA Implosions Joshi Tirtha April 3, 2014
X-Ray Radiography and UV Laser Diagnostics at NTF  Austin Anderson February 20, 2014
 Improvements to a Laboratory Photoionized Plasma Experiment at Z Relevant to Astrophysics Tom Lockard February 13, 2014
Laboratory Astrophysics: Neon Photoionized Plasma Experiments  Daniel Mayes November 21, 2013
Experimental Characterization of C2 Molecules in DQp White Dwarfs  Jeremy Iratcabal November 11, 2013
Design Improvement and Novel Applications for Photoacoustic Aerosol Detection Instrumentation  Justin Wojdula November 7, 2013
 Atmospheric Soot Superaggregates: Implications for Health and Radiative Forcing Nicholas Beres October 31, 2013
Techniques for Characterization of Electron Beams in Z-Pinch Plasmas Matthew Wallace October 17, 2013
Laser Frequency Stabilization: Two Lasers, One Cavity Mark Cunningham October 10, 2013
Neuroprosthetic Interfaces: An Overview Steven Keim  October 10, 2013
Short Range Force Measurement Jordan Stutz September 26, 2013
Genetic Algorithms in Control Problems Ahmed Mahmoud September 19, 2013
Plasma Formation and Evolution on a Copper Surface Driven by Mega-Ampere Current Pulse Kevin Yates September 12, 2013
Photoionized Neon Plasma Experiment at the Z Facility Tom Lockard April 25, 2013
High Temperature Ni and Ni/Al Precursor Plasmas produced on Zebra at UNR Austin Stafford April 18, 2013
Intro to Chaos Theory Austin Anderson April 11, 2013
Photoelastic Force Measurements  Zephry McCormick April 4, 2013