Comprehensive Examinations

Prior to Taking the Comprehensive Examination

Students who are completing the thesis option of the Master of Science program do not take the Comprehensive Examination. Master of Science students who are in the  non-thesis program do take the Comprehensive Examination to complete their M.S. career (regardless of his or her intent to complete a Ph.D. degree). In the same sense, to be considered for candidacy to complete the Doctor of Philosophy graduate program, students must pass the Comprehensive Examination. 

Students who are planning to take the Comprehensive Examination (Phys 795) should:

  • be enrolled in PhD program in physics;
  • completed at least 75 percent of the required course work;
  • formed a PhD committee with the research adviser as a chair of the committee;
  • had a program of study signed by all committee members;
  • delivered a copy of the program of study to the physics main office.

When the aforementioned is completed, the Instructor of Phys 795 and/or the Physics Graduate Director will be notified and will give permission for enrollment.

For more information, contact Alla Safronova.