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Hunting Dark Matter with GPD Data

Dr. Derevianko's research was featured in January 2017's edition of Science magazine here.

Searching for Particles on a Benchtop

An article about Dr. Geraci's research appears in the Economist magazine here.

Congratulations to UNR Student Prize Winners at the 2016 APS Far West Section Conference!

2016 Graduate Student Awards
Margaret Burbidge Award for Best Experimental Research
Second place: Kimberly Schultz (UNR), "X-ray Characteristics of Mixed Noble Gas Puff Irradiated with the Titan Laser at LLNL"

2016 Poster Awards
Best Undergraduate Poster: Apryl Witherspoon (UNR), "Experimental Apparatus for Coupling Dielectric Nanospheres to Cold Atoms"
Physics News Poster with Apryl Witherspoon Demonstrating

Congratulations to Dr. Hiroshi Sawada and Graduate Student Tyler Daykin!

Dr. Sawada's Discovery Science proposal was accepted, and he will be collaborating with the National Ignition Facility (NIF) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Tyler Daykin will also be participating in this project. 

Hiroshi Sawada and Tyler Daykin

Nancy Quiros, a Ph.D. student, has won 1st place in the College of Science Poster Competition! Congratulations Nancy!

Nancy Quiros with Poster

Congratulations to our Chair, Dr. Paul Neill, for being awarded the LeMay Excellence in Teaching Award!

Dr. Neill accepting award

Dr. Neill was honored at the 2015 College of Science Faculty & Staff Award Ceremony for being awarded the LeMay Excellence in Teaching Award.

Congratulations to UNR Physics students Kenneth Williamson, Austin Stafford, and David Martinez!

Kenneth, Austin, and David are all featured in the 2015 Stewardship Science Academic Programs Annual.

Click here to view the articles written about each of them.

Congratulations to Dr. Hiroshi Sawada!

Hiroshi Sawada

Dr. Sawada has been awarded a generous grant from The International Activities Grant program for his project entitled, "Experimental Collaboration for Fast Ignition Laser Fusion Research."

Congratulations to Dr. Andrei Derevinako and Dr. Pat Arnott! 

Derevianko and Arnott

Dr. Derevianko has won the 2015 UNR Outstanding Researcher award, and Dr. Arnott has won the 2015 UNR Established Innovator award.

Congratulations to Physics Graduate Student Emil Petkov, the only one from Nevada, who received the prestigious  National Science Foundation's East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship award!

Emil Petkov Portrait

Physics student Mindy Lorance earns outstanding poster award at 2015 SSAP Symposium

Mindy Lorance portrait

Undergraduate student Mindy Lorance earns outstanding poster award at the 2015 Stewardship Science Academic Programs (SSAP) Symposium (March 11-12, 2015, Santa Fe, New Mexico). Lorance’s poster is titled, “Spectroscopic Modeling of the First Planar Wire Array Experiments on the LTD Generator at the University of Michigan".  The symposium is sponsored by the DOE National Nuclear Security Administration.

Ph.D. student Marcela Loria-Salazar appears on cover of the Winter 2015 edition of NEVADA Silver&Blue

Marcela Loria-Salazar Magazine Cover

In addition to her cover photo, Marcela is also mentioned in an article about her Atmospheric Science research - pick up a copy of NEVADA Silver&Blue and check it out!

Comet Lovejoy viewing at the MacLean Observatory

Dr. Melodi Rodrigue planned a viewing of Comet Lovejoy that took place at the MacLean Observatory on January 10th. View details here.

Congratulations to UNR Student Prize Winners at the 2014 APS Far West Section Conference!

2014 Graduate Student Awards
Margaret Burbidge Award for Best Experimental Research
First place: Kevin Yates (UNR), "Plasma Formation and Evolution on the Surface of
Aluminum, Copper, Titanium and Nickel Driven by a Mega-Ampere Current"

2014 Undergraduate Student Awards
Steven Chu Award for Undergraduate Research
First place tie: Andrew Kanagin (UNR), "Laser spectroscopy & optical pumping of matrix- isolated rubidium atoms"

SPS Poster Award 
First place tie between:
Zephyr McCormick (UNR), "Laser Produced Neutrons and Isotope Activation at the Nevada Terawatt Facility"
Emil E. Petkov (UNR), "Spectroscopic Analysis of K- and L-Shell Radiation from Gas-Puff Jet Experiments on the UNR Leopard Laser"

Hiding in plain sight: elusive dark matter may be detected with GPS

An article about Dr. Derevianko's research appears in a NEVADA Today article here.

Congratulations To Wade Cline!

Wade Cline has won the Classified Employee of the Month for March 2014. You are such a wonderful and crucial part of our department. You're awesome!

B. Bach and W. Cline

Pictured: Dr. Bernhard Bach with Wade Cline in the Physics Machine Shop.

PHYS 483: Introduction to Radiation and Health Physics, Offered Spring 2014

The Department of Physics is offering this new elective course to both undergraduate and graduate students. The class is scheduled for MWF at 2:00-2:50pm in LP 110. Please see the flyer for more information.

For more information, contact Dr. Trevor Burris at It is recommended that students have completed PHYS 180/181 before enrolling.

RHEDP 2013 Recap

RHEDP 2013 Attendees

There were 54 attendees (many pictured above).  The majority of US attendees are supported by DOE/NNSA.

Students and postdocs from four universities (UNR, UCSD, UM, and Cornell) have been a very important part of the workshop.  For this second meeting there were 22 students and 3 postdocs.  The RHEDP workshop covered the registration fees and travel expenses for students and the registration fees for postdocs.

Among the senior participants were scientists from Naval Research Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Los Alamos National Laboratory, as well as from two private sector companies, and faculty from four universities (UNR, UCSD, UM, and UCB).

The Technical Program Committee which consisted of university faculty, lab scientists, and an international member who jointly worked in preparing the exciting and excellent quality program of RHEDP 2013.

There were a total of 53 presentations with 28 invited oral talks in three sub-topic areas: “Theoretical Modeling and Diagnostics”, “Laser Produced Plasmas”, and “Z- and X-Pinches”.  In addition there was a poster session with 25 presentations.  There were 22 presentations by students or post-doctoral attendees, and 8 of these were oral.  The presentations have highlighted progress in the field, while identifying current issues and conferring on future directions.

The interaction between the students (pictured below) and senior attendees occurred throughout the entire span of the workshop including the poster session, all breakfasts and lunches. We have received very positive responses from the students about the format of the conference and their interactions with faculty and scientists at national laboratories.

RHEDP 2013 Students

The proceedings of the RHEDP 2013 will be published in the Special Topic Section of Physics of Plasmas as a collection of the invited papers.

NNSA Stewardship Science Academic Programs Annual 2013

- Dr. Kantsyrev's and Dr. Safronova's article
- Dr. Mancini's article
- Graduate Student Michael Weller