Physics Colloquia

All colloquia are held in Schulich Lecture Hall, Room SLH-3 at 2:00PM.

Cryogenic and Spin-dependent 5th Force Searches below 1 mm
Evan Weisman Indiana University, Indiana June 22, 2018
A Perfect Match Hendrik Ohldag Stanford University, California May 4, 2018
The Tale of Supersolid Helium Michael W. Ray California State University, Sacramento April 6, 2018
Searching for Dark Matter with Magnetometer Network Vincent Dumont University of California, Berkley March 19, 2018
Quantum Coherence in Light-harvesting Systems and Organic Semiconductors Jianshu Cao Department of Chemistry, MIT March 9, 2018
Observing Aerosols from Space using Reflected Solar Radiation: /the Deep Blue Aerosol Project Andrew Sayer NASA Goddard Space Center Greenbelt, MD December 8, 2017
CASPEr: The lab-scale NMR-based search for axion-like dark matter Alexander Sushkov Boston University, MA December 1, 2017
The NV center in diamond: a versatile quantum technology
Anna C. Jayich University of California, Santa Barbara November 6, 2017
Resolution of the quantum mechanical wave-particle duality problem by the Watt-Less emission of gravitational waves of the Dirac equation Friedwardt Winterberg University of Nevada, Reno September 29, 2017
Vignettes in Experimental Gravitation
Charles D. Hoyle Jr. Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA September 22, 2017
Quantum cavity opto-mechanics with levitated nanoscale oscillators Peter F. Barker Department of Physics and Astronomy University College, London, UK August 11, 2017
Does an Isolated Quantum System Relax? Joerg Schmiedmayer VCQ, Atominstitut, TU-Wien, Vienna, Austria July 6, 2017
The performance, cost of Lithium ion batteries: the current state of the art Denis Phares Dragonfly Energy, Reno, NV April 14, 2017
The Twisted Universe Brian Keating University of California, San Diego April 10, 2017
New Directions in Searching for the Dark Universe Surjeet Rajendran University of California, Berkley April 21, 2017
Confessions of a CW Laser Addict Wesley Campbell University of California, Los Angeles February 10, 2017
Testing general relativity with airborne and underground atom interferometers Philippe Bouyer The National Center for Scientific Research, France February 6, 2017
Chip-scale Atomic Devices: Miniature Precision Instruments using Atoms, Lasers and MEMS
John Kitching National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, CO February 3, 2017
Scalar Transport in the Swiss Alps: The Influence of Steep Terrain
Holly Oldroyd University of California, Davis December 2, 2016
Laser-driven Pulsed Neutron Sources as a Potential Pool-side Characterization Tool for Nuclear Fuels Sven Vogel Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM November 21, 2016
Three Variations on a Theme - Ultrasensitive Searches for the Axion Karl van Bibber Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, U. C. Berkeley, CA November 18, 2016
A Novel Quantum Interference Mechanism Controls Ultracold Molecular Collisions Brian Kendrick Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM November 4, 2016
Overview of the Terrestrial Rays Analysis and Detection (TRYAD) CubeSat Mission Michael Fogle Jr. Auburn University Small Satellite Program, Auburn, AL

October 21, 2016
NIF, an unexpected journey, lessons to be learned to secure projects of scale, and perspectives on the future of ICF and HEDP research Mike Campbell University of Rochester, Rochester, New York October 7, 2016
Dissociation of Molecules by Low Energy Electron Attachment Daniel Slaughter Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California September 30, 2016
Testing Time-Reversal Symmetry Using Lasers, A Magic Room, and Pear-Shaped Nuclei Jaideep Singh National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory and Department of Physics & Astronomy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan September 2, 2016
In Pursuit of Ignition - Progress and Challenges Kevin Fournier Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California June 1, 2016
Rotation of Quantum Impurities In the Presence of A Many-Body Environment Mkhail Lemeshko Institute of Science and Technology, Klosterneuburg, Austria May 18, 2016
X-ray Coherent Diffractive Imaging of Quantum Vortices in Superfluid Helium Droplets Andrey Vilesov Department of Chemistry, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA April 29, 2016
Modeling of Laser-Plasma Interactions in the Plasmas of Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Andrei Maximov Laboratory for Laser Energetics, Rochester, New York April 15, 2016
Machine Learning for Molecular Dynamics: Gaussian Process Models for Improved Predictions of Molecular Collision Observables Roman Krems University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada April 8, 2016
“The "Real" World: Adventures of an AMO physics professor in industry Chandra Raman Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia April 1, 2016
Cold Atomic Gases and Light Meet in One Dimension Mark Havey Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia March 11, 2016
Fast Ignition: An Alternate Route to Inertial Confinement Fusion Scott Wilks Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California March 4, 2016
Searching for the dark universe with matter wave interferometry Paul Hamilton University of California, Los Angeles, California February 26, 2016
Looking for Dark Matter with Atomic Clocks and Gravitational Wave Detectors Asimina Arvanitaki Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada January 22, 2016
Superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) for precision physics experiments by measuring very weak magnetic fields from DC to GHz Yong-Ho Lee & Yun Chang Shin Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) Daejeon, South Korea November 16, 2015
Generation THz Radiation by Laser Plasma Interaction Experiments Noboru Yugami Utsunomiya University 3, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan October 2, 2015
Two-Body & Many-Body Physics in the Ultracold Regime Robert Moszynski Quantum Chemistry Laboratory, University of Warsaw, Poland September 4, 2015
Chiral Cavity Ring-Down Polarimetry: New methods for ultrasensitive measurements of chirality and atomic parity nonconservation Peter Rakitzis Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece, and IESL-FORTH, Heraklion-Crete, Greece August 3, 2015
Progress Towards Achieving Fusion Ignition at the National Ignition Facility Praveshkumar Patel Physics Integration Leader, ICF Program
Lawrence Livermore National Lab, CA
May 1, 2015
Using Shock Physics to Study Failure of Metals Under Dynamic Loading: Effects of Strength Anisotropy and Local Defects on Spall Damage Pedro Peralta Arizona State University April 24, 2015
Atomic Physics with Polyatomic Molecules David Patterson Harvard University, Massachusetts March 20, 2015
Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) - One Plausible Approach to Achieving Ignition and Energy Gain in a Laboratory Johan Frenje Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT April 3, 2015
Absorption of High-Contrast, Intense Short Laser Pulses on Solids Andreas Kemp Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA January 23, 2015
Studying Compressed Matter Physics at the Linac Coherent Light Source Siegfried Glenzer SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, CA January 23, 2015
Nuclear, Particle, & Astrophysics with Slow Neutrons William Snow Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana October 10, 2014
The NSTec Dense Plasma Focus Laboratories - An Overview Daniel Lowe National Security Technologies, Las Vegas, NV July 25, 2014
Equation of State Measurements Up to a Gigabar for Astro- and Planetary Physics Damian Swift Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA July 18, 2014
Bioaerosol Terrorism Threat Detection Triggers Richard DeFreez Met One Instruments, Grants Pass, OR April 4, 2014
Studies of Matter in Extremes Using the LCLS X-Ray Free Electron Laser Hae Ja Lee LCLS, SLAC, National Accelerator Laboratory March 28, 2014
Application of Proton Deflectometry for the Determination of Current and Magnetic Field Configuration in Pulsed Power Driven Z-Pinch Plasma Loads Derek Mariscal  University of California, San Diego January 30, 2014
Space-Time Referencing With Lasers Leo Hollberg  Standford University January 24, 2014
Swimming in Viscoelastic Fluids and Gels Asimina Arvanitaki  Standford University Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Atom Trap, Krypton-81, and Global Groundwater Zheng-Tian Lu Argonne National Laboratory; The Department of Physics and Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago November 22, 2013
Black Hole Firewalls and Quantum Gravity Friedwardt Winterberg Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno November 15, 2013
Searching for Stochastic Gravitational Waves with LIGO Vuk Mandic University of Minnesota-Twin City November 8, 2013
How did extreme cold air anomalies in the Arctic play a critical role in generating the record-breaking 2013 summer heat "burst" in Nevada? Michael Kaplan Desert Research Institute October 18, 2013
Rydberg Atoms in Optical and Magnetic Traps Georg Raithel Department of Physics, University of Michigan October 4, 2013
Advanced Sine Wave Modulation of Continuous Wave Laser System for Atmospheric CO2 Differential Absorption Measurements Joel Campbell NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA
September 27, 2013
Microresonator Optical Frequency Combs Scott Papp National Institute of Standards and Technology September 20, 2013
Coherent and Dissipative Quantum Computing with Trapped Rydberg Atoms Mark Saffman Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin April 26, 2013
Instrumentation for the Real-Time Chemical Analysis of Atmospheric Aerosols Denis Phares Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California April 19, 2013
Out of Darkness: The Quest for λ Nemanja Kaloper University Of California, Davis March 29, 2013
An Integrated Assessment of Recent Environmental Changes in the Cordillera Blanca Mountains of Perú John All American Climber Science Program December 7, 2012
Coherent Manipulations With Single Cesium Atoms Grant Bidermann Sandia National Laboratories November 30, 2012
High-Frequency Searches for Sub-Millimeter Range Forces Joshua Long Indiana University November 16, 2012
The Universe in an Atom: How Precision Measurements of Atoms can Probe the Universe's Greatest Mysteries Derek Kimball California State University, East Bay November 2, 2012
Putting 'Ion' in 'Quantum Computation Boris Blinov University of Washington October 19, 2012
An Optical Sledgehammer: Rapid Deceleration of Atoms and (maybe) Molecules With Optical Bichromatic Forces Edward Eyler University of Connecticut October 5, 2012
New Particle Discover at the ATLAS Experiment of LHC at CERN Yongsheng Gao California State University, Fresno September 28, 2012
Preparing Coherent and Squeezed States of Ultra-Cold Atoms Eite Tiesinga Joint Quantum Institute, NIST and the University of Maryland May 4, 2012
On Quantum Control of Ultracold Atoms and Molecules Svetlana A. Malinovskaya Stevens Institute of Technology April 20, 2012
Cavity Optomechanics Pierra Meystre The University of Arizona April 6, 2012
Cell Hordes As Condensed Matter Thomas Angelini University of Florida, Gainesville March 28, 2012
Quantum Degenerate Bose and Fermi Gases of Dysprosium Benjamin Lev Department of Applied Physics & Physics, Stanford University March 16, 2012
E = mc2 = hv Holger Mueller University of California, Berkeley March 2, 2012
Controlling Molecular Interactions with Electric Field Heather Lewandowski University of Colorado February 24, 2012
Blackbody-Stark and Cold-Collision Shifts in an Optical Lattice Clock Jeff Sherman National Institute of Science and Technology February 17, 2012
Pursuing Quantum Mechanics in Mechanical Structures Keith Schwab Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology January 27, 2012
Towards High-Performance Portable Atomic Clocks Elizabeth Donley Atomic Devices & Instrumentation Group NIST Time and Frequency Division November 18, 2011
Collisions and Reactions in Exotic Environments: From Ultracold Collisions to Astrophysics Balakrishnan Naduvalath Department of Chemistry, UNLV November 4, 2011
Tests of the Gravitational Inverse-Square Law at Small and Large Distances Eric Adelberger University of Washington October 21, 2011
Maxwell, Einstein, and Their Impossibilities Mark G. Raizen Center for Nonlinear Dynamics and Department of Physics, The University of Texas at Austin October 14, 2011
Motion and Control at Low Reynolds Number: New Clues to how Synechococcus Might Swim Kurt Ehlers Truckee Meadows Community College October 7, 2011
Sooty Action at a Distance:Remote effects of Soot and Dust on Clouds and Climate Eric Wilcox Desert Research Institute September 30, 2011
On Quantum Gravity Friedwardt Winterberg Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno September 23, 2011
An Experiment Search for the Electron Electric Dipole Moment in Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Young Jin Kim Cyclotron Facility, Indiana University, Bloomington July 8, 2011
Fun with Cryogenic Atoms and Molecules Jonathan Weinstein Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno April 22, 2011
Atomic Calculations for Future Technology and Study of Fundamental Problems Marianna Safronova Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware, Newark March 22, 2011
Fun Basic Helicon Physics Working on a Plasmas Thruster Roger Bengtson Physics Department, University of Texas at Austin February 25, 2011
Muscle Contraction: From Molecular to Collective Mechanochemistry Josh Baker Department of Biochemistry, University of Nevada School of Medicine February 11, 2011
Atomic Clocks Kurt Gibble Pennsylvania State University February 4, 2011
Science with the LCLS X Ray Free Electron Laser John D. Bozek LINAC Coherent Light Source SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Standford, California December 3, 2010
Optical Trapping inside a Semi-Conductor Host Medium Michael G. Moore Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan November 19, 2010
Swimming in Viscoelastic Fluid and Gels Henry Fu Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno November 12, 2010
Beating the Standard Quantum Limit in a Large Atomic Ensemble James Thompson Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado November 5, 2010
Pulsed Power Driven Plasma Physics Research at the University of Michigan Ronald M. Gilgenbach Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI October 27, 2010
Energetics of Neutral Hydrocarbon Radicals from Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry Kent Ervin Department of Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno October 22, 2010
Verification and Application of Atomic Polarization and Spectral Data for Diagnostics of Coronal Plasma by their XUV Spectra and Spectral Images Alexander M. Urnov P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia August 2, 2010
Magnetic Micro-Resonators for Quantum State Manipulation on an Atom-Chip Andrew Geraci National Institute of Standards and Technology March 29, 2010
Manipulation Atoms and Magnetic Materials with Half-Cycle Electromagnetic Pulses Andrew Speck Rowland Institute at Harvard March 22, 2010
Atomic Magnetometers for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Precision Measurements, and Other Applications Micah Ledbetter Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley March 11, 2010
Research in High Energy Density Physics Kramer U. Akli Internal Fusion Technology Group, General Atomics, Sand Diego, CA March 8, 2010
Interactions of Ultrashort Pulse Lasers with Solids: Studying the Electronic Structure of Warm Dense Matter and the Transport of Hot Electron Beams Byoung-ick Cho Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory March 4, 2010
Instabilities, Turbulence and Energy Coupling into Z-Pinch Plasmas Alexander L. Velikovich Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington D.C. February 19, 2010
Coherent Control of Ultra-Cold Atoms in Optical Lattices James Trey Porto Joint Quantum Institute, NIST and the University of Maryland February 12, 2010
Quantum Information Science with Trapped Ions Hartmut Haffner Department of Physics, University of California at Berkeley February 5, 2010
Similarity Theory and its Applications in 15 Viewgraphs Dmitri D. Ryutov Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA January 29, 2010
Laboratory Studies in Molecular Astrophysics from the First Star to the Beginning of Organic Chemistry Daniel W. Savin Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory, Columbia University January 22, 2010
Instabilities, Turbulence and Energy Coupling into Z-Pinch Plasmas Alexander L. Velikovich Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington D.C. December 4, 2009
Is Warm Glass Stickier Than Cold Glass? Eric Cornell Nobel Laureate in Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder November 20, 2009
Short Pulse Laser-Plasma Interaction Experiments at LLE Christian Stoeckl Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester November 17, 2009
An Introduction to Fusion Energy: The Fundamental Parameter Space of Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion Irvin Lindemuth Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno November 13, 2009
The Bomb: A New History Stephen M. Younger Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington D.C. November 6, 2009
Generation and Probing of Isochorically Heated Solid-Density Matter Jullien Fuchs Ecole Polytechnique LULI, Paris, France October 2, 2009
Electrons in Metal Nanoclusters Vitaly Kresin Nanocluster Physics Laboratory, University of Southern California September 18, 2009
What "May Have" Destroyed Air France Flight #447 Michael L. Kaplan Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Desert Research Institute - Reno, Nevada September 11, 2009
X-Ray Dispersion and Scattering in the Average-Atom Model of a Plasma Walter R. Johnson University of Notre Dame August 28, 2009
Time Reversal, Elasticity and Nonlinearity: the New TREND in Acoustics T.J. Ulrich Geophysics Group Los Alamos National Laboratory April 17, 2009
Ultracold Molecules and Cold Controlled Chemistry Roman Krems Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia April 10, 2009
Extreme Light Pulses: The Texas Petawatt Laser Erhard Gaul Texas Center for High Intensity Laser Science, University at Austin March 27, 2009
The History of Light You Never Knew John P. Ralston University of Kansas, Department of Physics and Astronomy March 13, 2009
Precision Atom Interferometry Mark Kasevich School of Humanities and Sciences, Standford University, California March 6, 2009
Bristles, Brooms and Butterflies Robert A. Guyer Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno February 27, 2009
Easy "Optics" with Millimeter Waves John Scales Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines February 13, 2009
Over a Barrel: A Worldwide Energy Crisis Fred Schlachter Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory February 6, 2009
Degenerate Bose Atomic and Molecular Gas in an Optical Lattice Dan Heinzen University of Texas, Austin February 6, 2009
Coherent Control by Optically Driven Adiabatic Passage Processes Klaas Burgmann Department of Physics and OPTIMAS Research Center, Technical University, Kaiserslautern, Germany January 23, 2009
Production and Trapping of Ultra-Cold RbCs Molecules Eric Hudson Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Loas Angeles November 21, 2008
Road to Discovery of ATLAS/LHC Yongsheng Gao California State University, Fresno, California November 14, 2008
Learning about Protoplanetary Disks with Mid-IR Spectroscopy Matt Richter University of California, Davis October 24, 2008
Soccer Balls in the Nano-World Alfred Muller Giessen University, Germany October 17, 2008
Development and Application of Raman-based Techniques for Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging James Chan Applied Physics and Biophysics Division, Lawrence Livermore, National Laboratory, Livermore, California October 3, 2008
Controlling the Center-of-Mass Motion of Ultracold Atoms Daniel Steck Oregon Center for Optics University of Oregon September 26, 2008
Quantum Repeater and Nuclear Clock Alex Kuzmich Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia September 19, 2008
Ways Towards Pure Deuterium Inertial Confinement Fusion through the Attainment of Gigavolts Potentials Friedwardt Winterberg Department of Physics, University of Nevada, Reno September 5, 2008
Quantum Entanglement in Secure Communications and in Ultra-Precise Measurement for Nanophotonics and Biomedical Applications Alexander Sergienko Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Department of Physics, Boston University May 2, 2008
Table Top Extreme Ultraviolet Lasers: New Opportunities in Holographic Nano-Imaging and Nanopatterning Mario Marconi NSF Engineering research Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Science and Technology, Colorado State University April 4, 2008
Ultrahigh Pressure Shock Phenomena Induced by Impact of Large Clusters and Molecules Young K. Bae Y.K. Bae Corporation, Tustin, California March 21, 2008
Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar): Principles and Applications Hans Moosmuller Desert Research Institute, Nevada System of Higher Education February 29, 2008
Modes of Binding of Molecular Hydrogen in Porous Materials for Hydrogen Storage Juergen Eckert Materials Research Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara February 22, 2008
ePLAS and its Application to Short Pulse Laser-Matter Interactions and Pulse Power Rodney J. Mason Research Applications Corp. February 13, 2008
Mechanical Quantum Resonators: A Proposal to Create and Detect Single Phonons in a Bulk Mechanical Resonator Andrew L. Cleland University of California, Santa Barbara February 1, 2008
ICF Ignition & High Yield Campaign Michael E. Donovan Office of ICF and the NIF Project January 24, 2008
EUV Spectroscopy of Plasmas Created in the Final Anode-Cathode Gap of the High Current Pulsed Generator "Z-Machine"(SNL) Alexander P. Shevelko P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia December 12, 2007
OMEGA EP Laser System: Status and Progress David Meyerhofer University of Rochester - Laboratory for Laser Energetics December 3, 2007
Spectroscopic Studies Relevant to the Development of EUV Lithography Light Source Models Alex Aguilar Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley, CA November 30, 2007
Computational Physics as a Better Model for Physics Education Rubin H Landau Department of Physics, Oregon State University November 13, 2007
Atomic Physics of the Dark Age Universe Bernard Zygelman University of Nevada, Las Vegas November 9, 2007
Observational Constraints on the Dense Plasma of the Solar Interior Werner Dappen University of Southern California, Los Angeles November 2, 2007
An Overview of the Dynamic Hohlraum X-Ray Source at Sandia National Laboratories Thomas Sanford Sandia National Laboratories October 19, 2007
Novel Liposomes Brian C. Keller BioZone Laboratories, Inc. October 5, 2007
Electron Transport Experiments on 'Nail'/Cone-Wire Targets Using High Intensity Short Pulse Lasers (-2x1020 Wcm-2) Farhat N. Beg Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California San Diego September 28, 2007
Why Does Extreme Rainfall Occur on the Leeside of the Sierra Nevada and Can We Simulate and Forecast It? Michael Kaplan Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Desert Research Institute - Reno, Nevada September 21, 2007
Stem Cell Research and its Life Saving Applications Gerhard Bauer University of California, Davis September 14, 2007
The Active Process and Spontaneous Oscillations in Hair Cells of the Inner Ear Dolores Bozovic University of California, Los Angeles September 7, 2007
Fullerene Shell as a Resonator and Amplifier for Processes in Endohedral Atoms M. Ya. Amusia Recah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University & Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute May 18, 2007
Pathways to Fusion Energy Bruno Bauer University of Nevada, Reno May 17, 2007
Laser Energy Coupling in the Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Sean P. Regan Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester April 16, 2007
Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy at the Advanced Light Source David Kilcoyne Advanced Light Source, Division of Berkley Lab April 13, 2007
Dynamics of a Magnetic Quantum Fluid Dan Stamper Kurn UC Berkeley April 6, 2007
The Journey into the Nano-Cosmos Reinhard Bruch Physics Department, University of Nevada, Reno March 30, 2007
Inertial Confinement Fusion and the Path to Fusion Energy John Perkins Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory March 16, 2007
Thermal and Quantum Fluctuations in Micromechanical Systems Jack Harris Department of Physics, Yale University March 9, 2007
Two Different Zeros: Searching for Temporal Variation of the Fine-Structure "Constant" and a for Photons in an Anti-Symmetric State Dmitri Budker UC Berkeley, Physics and Nuclear Science Division, LBNL March 2, 2007
Atom Interferometry in Space for Fundamental Science and Practical Applications Nan Yu Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology February 23, 2007
The Plasma Properties of Solar Flares(Tmax = 3 x 107 K): Observational Results Uri Feldman Antep Inc. and E. U. Hulburt Center for Space Research, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC February 16, 2007
The Paradox of the Shrinking Space Ship Len Zane Physics Department, University of Nevada, Las Vegas February 9, 2007
Theory of Dissociative Recombination's of Tri-Atomic Ions Relevant for Interstellar Chemistry Viatcheslav Kokoouline Physics Department, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL February 2, 2007
Nano-Probes for the Long Term Nondestructive Analysis and Characterization of Individual Living Cells Thomas Huser NSF Center for Bio photonics, Science and Technology, University of California, Davis, Sacramento, California December 8, 2006
Precise Measurement and Control of Light - Matter Interactions Jun Ye JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado December 1, 2006
Distinguishing between Optical States at the Fundamental Quantum Limit JM Geremia Quantum Measurements and Control Group Department of Physics and Astronomy University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico November 17, 2006
The Coldest Plasma Steven L. Rolston Department of Physics, University of Maryland November 3, 2006
In the Heat of the Night: Exploring the Infrared Universe Michelle Thaller California Institute of Technology October 20, 2006
Advancing Medical Diagnostics and Therapy through Biophotonics Frank Y.S. Chuang NSF Center for Biophotonics, Science and Technology October 13, 2006