TapRide is an app service used for automated dispatching. They provide an easy to use application for IOS and Android users with real time GPS tracking, waiting time prediction calculations, and notifications for the users. TapRide is trusted nationwide and has helped programs from the University of Florida Police Department to, our own, ASUN Pack Rides.

Pack Rides has had great success using the TapRide interface to improve on our nightly service. It allows us to keep providing the university students and faculty with safe transportation for their academic needs. It has also provided Pack Rides with the ability to further conduct data analysis in order to improve the efficiency of our service.

TapRide has allowed Pack Rides to accomplish our two main goals of reducing the waiting time of the users and increase ridership. Waiting times continue to decrease as ridership increases thanks to the help provided by TapRide. Patrons requiring assistance are encouraged to email Pack Rides or call (775) 742-6808 at least one hour in advance during normal service hours to schedule a ride.

Download TapRide

Go to the correct Store to download the Pack Rides TapRide App today!

Setting up the App

  1. Download the Pack Rides App
  2. Log in with your NET ID and password
  3. In your settings, turn on the notifications for the app, to be alerted upon arrival.

Requesting a Ride

  1. Select a PICKUP location
  2. Select a DROPOFF location *you can either select from the drop box or physically select the location on the map*
  3. Select the number of passengers
  4. Optional: Select bike or wheelchair
  5. Press Submit Ride


  1. Select "Cancel My Ride." There are a number of options to choose from.

Please note that drivers have the right to cancel a request under certain circumstances.

  • If we cannot locate the passenger and the dispatcher has tried calling
  • If you are under the influence (alcohol, etc.)
  • If you threaten the safety of other passengers or the drivers
  • If one of your locations is a third party location or outside our 3-mile radius