OIT and University Core Theme Alignment

The University of Nevada's core themes are Learning, Discovery, and Engagement. The Office of Information Technology's core themes are to be Inclusive, Innovative, and Empowering.


Support the technology needs of the diverse University including cloud thoughtful and cloud safe.


Promote innovation and excellence by pursuing state of the art IT infrastructure.


Empowering the individual through network connectivity and partnerships.

Below is a listing of current OIT projects and the corresponding OIT theme(s) to which each project is most closely aligned.

OIT Projects and Core Theme Alignment

The current projects in OIT and how they align with OIT's core themes.
Project Innovative Inclusive Empowering
Analytics/Business Intelligence/Data Governance X X
Service Management Improvements X X
Campus OIT Feedback & New Website X X X
Enterprise Content Management X
Replace & Expand Campus Portal X X
Security Audit X X X
Wire/Wireless Network X X
User Security Zones X X X
Workday Integrations X X
Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan X
Campus Cloud Strategy X X
High Performance Computing X X
Office of Civil Rights Response to Accessibility X X
NexGen Identity Management X X X
Preferred Name Change X X
Online Forms X X X
Online Log Analysis for Security X
PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade X X
Security Awareness Training X X X