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OIT's newsletter contains tidbits about what is going on internally in OIT, projects we are involved with around campus, announcements about our employees, and upcoming events. On occasion, we have articles written by members of IT about various topics. If you are interested in joining the mailing list, please use the button link at the bottom of the page to contact the OIT Communications Specialist to be added.

Tech Talks

Once a month, OIT comes together for informal meetings on a variety of both tech-related, and non-tech-related topics. These meetings are open to all and feature a speaker or two who give short, 15 minute presentations. After the presentations, there are Q & A sessions, and usually a bit of time to network with colleagues. If you are interested in learning more, giving a presentation, or joining the IT mailing list in order to attend a future meeting, please contact the OIT Communications Specialist.  You can even request the slides from a recent presentation by contacting OIT Communications.

IT Secret Shoppers

The Office of Information Technology asks anonymous students to report their experience when attempting to access support and services that the University offers. These services span many areas of the University and have historically included many areas including OIT services, library services, campus escort, students' access to the student health center, campus computer lab access...etc. Previous years' reports are available upon request from OIT Communications. This program is currently on hiatus but will resume when possible. If you have questions or are interested in having secret shoppers examine your service area, please contact OIT Communications via email at OITCommunications@unr.edu.

Email OIT Communications

We are interested in increasing our collaboration and presence on campus. If you would like to attend an OIT event or would like a representative from OIT to attend one of your events, please contact us!

Technology, research, and accessibility news around campus

Subhash Verma working in his microbiology laboratory

Published study: unusual SARS-CoV-2 mutation prominent in Northern Nevada in early 2020

University of Nevada, Reno genomics and microbiology research gives snapshot from March to June 2020 of SARS-CoV-2 and regional introduction of an usual mutation

Graham Kent visiting the site of the 2020 Valley Fire in Southern California

Research technology transforms how first responders fight fires

Video highlights technology and thought-leadership behind ALERTWildfire, developed through the Nevada Seismological Laboratory

Cynthia Lancaster sits at a desk on a video call with her mentee, Erick Herrera

Gain professional and academic experience through paid undergraduate research programs

With the help of a mentor, undergraduate students can apply for paid research opportunities

IT Alerts notifications

The Office of Information Technology maintains an IT Alerts distribution list so any University employee can receive IT-systems related notifications. You can sign up to receive IT Alerts, but please note you must have a valid University email account to be accepted to the mailing list.