Payment Plan

When you arrive, you will be billed for tuition and fees (plus housing and meals if you are living on-campus) for your first semester. If you wish to send funds directly from your bank to the university’s bank account, please contact Controller’s Office on the 3rd Floor of Student Services Bldg. tel. (775) 784-6915; fax (775) 327-2296. You can pay your bill at the Controller’s Office or online through your student account on MyNEVADA. The deadline to pay your registration bill is Friday prior to the beginning of each semester. You may choose a Deferred Payment Plan if you cannot pay your bill in full on that day. To select the deferred payment plan, visit MyNEVADA and select the account and billing option. There is a $50.00 fee for the deferment plan that will be added to your first bill. In addition, a $25.00 deferment plan fee will be added for housing charges.

  • 33% of your per-credit registration fee, nonresident tuition, room and board and 100 percent of special fees are due by January 2014 for Spring semester, and by August 2014 for the Fall semester.

  • The next installment (33%) is due by February 2014 for Spring semester, and by September 2014 for the Fall semester (no bill will be sent).

  • The last installment (33%) is due by March 2014 for the Spring semester, and by October 2014 for the Fall semester (no bill will be sent).

Please note: International bank drafts can take several weeks to clear before cash is available to you. We recommend bringing at least $2,500 in traveler’s checks if possible.