Monthly Spotlight - June/July 2018

International Student of the Month - Mr. Hari Pandey, PhD. Chemical Physics

Hari Pandey Headshot

This is Mr. Hari Pandey, an international student from Nepal. He started his higher education at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2010, as a graduate student in the Mathematics department. He performed research on the Poincare Normal form method for solving the system of nonlinear differential equations. He completed his Master's degree in Mathematics, after successfully meeting criteria of Pure and applied mathematics.

Hari was then admitted in the Chemical Physics program in the Department of Chemistry in 2012. Since then, he has been involved in Chemical Physics research under the supervision of Dr. David Leitner, which has a focus on many-body quantum transport. They are actively involved in the development of analytical methodology for the estimation of boundary conductance, thermal transport and rectification in the molecules and nanoporous mediums.

They have investigated the reasons for thermal energy rectification in the small molecules and properties of thermal transport across the nanojunctions and nanointerfaces. Such Nanoscale heat transport process has a lot of applications in designing drug delivery systems, nanoelectronics, and many other fields. They are also involved in the molecular dynamics simulation of the nonglobular proteins to investigate the partial thermodynamics, as well as the study of vibrational transport across Reverse micelles and molecular thermometers.

Hari has taught lower division and upper-division classes, including general chemistry laboratory, and Mathematics. He has been living in Reno since 2010 with his wife, Pushpa and son, Paarth.

Recently their research was evaluated as excellent by the UNR Chemistry department, and Hari received the Outstanding Graduate Chemistry Research Award for 2018.

He has been offered an assistant specialist position at University of California, Riverside, where he will be involved in drug discovery of anticancer drugs.