Accelerated Post-Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ASBSN) Readiness Self-Assessment

Please review and consider all of the following to determine if you are ready to begin the Orvis School of Nursing (OSN) Accelerated Post Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree (ASBSN)

Are you currently working?

It is highly recommended that students in the ASBSN program do not work during the program. The ASBSN program will require a large amount of time devoted to classes, clinical practicum experiences and individual study. Long days are expected, and clinical practicum experiences are typically scheduled from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Do you have upcoming obligations that may prevent you from focusing on your studies?

Absences from scheduled classes and clinical experiences will harm your grade and may impact your ability to matriculate through the program.

The ASBSN program runs for 12 consecutive months, with scheduled breaks during spring break (one week) and a summer recess (one week) in late August.

Clinical schedules will vary, with some clinicals being hosted during early morning, evening, nighttime or weekend hours.

Class schedules will also vary. Students should be prepared for hybrid course structures, with in-class requirements and additional course preparation at home.

Do you have reliable transportation for class and clinical days, which can total five days per week?

Clinicals may take place in a variety of locations throughout Northern Nevada, including Carson City, Minden/Gardnerville, Fernley, Fallon and Incline Village.

Each student is required to have their own transportation and vehicle. You will need to maintain the vehicle in good repair.

Have you considered all options for financial aid and scholarships?

Please consider that financial aid may not be enough to cover all expenses incurred with the cost of attending the program. This may limit your ability to cover household expenses. Please pre-plan to help alleviate financial stress during your program.


Please contact us by email if you have questions or need additional information.