ASBSN Nursing Honor Pledge Induction

Orvis School of Nursing Honor Pledge

I solemnly pledge to provide individualized patient care with compassion and respect and to ensure implementation of best care practices. I will embrace the diversity of my patient's life experience, culture, spiritual, and healthcare beliefs. I will individualize my care to best support their needs.

I pledge to prioritize patient safety and act as a patient advocate. I will grow not only from my triumphs but as well as my mistakes. I will commit to becoming a lifelong learner and stay humble in my pursuits. I will use my knowledge to improve the health and well-being of my patients and the community.

I pledge to collaborate and communicate in a professional, compassionate manner with the healthcare team, my patients, the academic faculty and my peers. I will not disclose confidential patient information and I will be cognizant of my words and actions.

I pledge to engage in my own self-care, maintain integrity, and strive for continued personal and professional growth.

I pledge to maintain and improve the ethical learning environment of the academic and clinical setting in order to provide optimal patient care and gain competence in the field of nursing.

I make these promises and recognize the honor and privilege afforded to me as a nurse and nursing student. I promise to uphold the reputation of this dignified profession.


Welcome to our incoming ASBSN students