Brazil Youth Ambassadors Program

The Brazil Youth Ambassadors Program takes place each January in Reno, NV and in four other communities around the U. S. 12-13 Brazilian high school students visit Reno to learn about civic engagement while participating in activities such as:

  • Service learning projects (one is centered around the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration, giving Brazilian Youth a chance to do good while learning about this important piece of American history)
  • Meetings with Reno community organizations and local young people who are making an impact in Northern Nevada
  • A day of shadowing an American high school student through the Robert McQueen Global Studies Program
  • Taking part in interactive workshops and seminars that will teach them how to conduct their own service learning projects upon their return to their communities

The Brazil Youth Ambassadors Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State, coordinated nationally by World Learning and coordinated locally by The Northern Nevada International Center.    

Host a Brazilian Youth Ambassador for 12 days

Bring Brazil to your home for 12 days while you get to know one of the outstanding youth participating in the Brazil Youth Leadership Program. You do not have to have a high-school aged child in order to host—in fact you can host without having children in your home at all. This is a great short-term way to learn about different cultures and connect with young leaders.

The Brazil Youth Ambassador Program usually takes place in the last two weeks of January. You can apply to host today (the application is valid for all of our youth programs) and we will contact you with exact program dates as soon as they become available.

Learn more about home hosting

For more information about this program or about hosting a youth, please contact Stacy Kinion, program manager, at