Newton Network Newsletter: September 2010

Newton Network News:
Greetings from the Newton Network!

The summer went by so quickly! We hope everyone enjoyed their break and made the most of it—whether that meant relaxing at Tahoe or going on a trip with NERDS. Here at the Newton Network we were busy improving our site and adding more resources and ideas to help you. We have plenty of upcoming opportunities for you and your students to take advantage of.

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In This Issue:

NERDS– This summer was a busy one for many of you!

NERDS (Nevada Educators Really Doing Science) visited Lamoille Canyon, Nevada in both June and July. The seven-day trips were very successful along with the two pre- and post- sessions. The participating teachers improved their scientific inquiry skills as they investigated the local ecosystem and presented their findings to the rest of the group. For more information on NERDS and how to participate next year, visit the NERDS website.

Teachers were not the only ones exploring and learning new things. The summer’s camps were a huge success again.

  • KIDS University once again gave kids the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Some of the programs included Lego Robotics, mathematics, KIDS in Space, and Crazy Chemistry. For more information on KIDS University, visit Extended Studies.
  • Liftoff with Math camp was held at UNLV this year and gave middle and high school students the opportunity to learn college level math and science. Campers learned how to model natural phenomena such as lightning and created a space related project to be shown at the awards ceremony.
  • The Girl’s Math Camp was held at UNR in July and once again taught young women important skills in mathematics and technology. The camp’s goal is to increase interest in mathematics and technology in young women and help them succeed in college. For more information, e-mail (
  • Engineering CampUNR’s Engineering Camps were a huge success this year. Three camps were held—Intro to Engineering Camps, Robotics and Digital Interactive Games, and Civil Engineering Camps—during the months of June and July. Campers got to ride a Segway and compete in a freeway design contest. For information on the summer camps and other engineering outreach opportunities, visit University of Nevada, Reno, Engineering k-12-outreach.

Newton Network Changes– The Newton Network is proud to announce the Newton Network Facebook Page! The facebook page can be viewed by everyone whether you have a facebook account or not. We have included many of the features of the website in the facebook page and others that are not available on the website.

One new feature is the addition of an event calendar to keep track of important deadlines and dates. You can see all upcoming deadlines for events like professional development and summer camps at once.

We have also added a “Current Events” page. This page will have information on events that happened between newsletters or didn’t make it into the newsletter due to length. It will include a brief description of the event and include links for additional information and lesson plan ideas.

The third and fourth sections contain a plain text version of the current newsletter and the resources found on the website. We have also added several teaching blogs to our list of resources, organized by grade level or subject. The final section of the facebook page contains inspiring quotes about life and teaching.

The facebook page also offers you a chance to discuss classroom issues with other teachers on the discussion board or wall. You will be able to ask questions and receive help from a variety of sources and post resources that have helped you.

Our goal for the facebook page is to give you another way to access resources and help when you need it. We hope that the facebook page will prove to be a valuable resource to you. Vsit the Newton Network Facebook page.

Labor Day Activities– Labor Day became an official holiday in 1894, though New York and Oregon were the first states to recognize it in 1887. To many people, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. Labor Day actually began as a way to honor the American workers and how they have shaped our lives.

National Geographic Bee– The National Geographic Bee is a nationwide, yearly geography competition held by the National Geographic Society. Its purpose is to encourage an appreciation of geography in teachers and students. Starting in September, Principals may register their school for the competition. Deadline to register with a $90 fee is October 15, 2010. After October 15, 2010 and until December 10, 2010 the fee is $110. Registration ends on December 10, 2010. More information on the National Geographic Bee, including sample questions and registration information.

Guest Speakers– Mobile Engineering Education Laboratory (ME2L) is a UNR outreach program in which UNR engineering students give engineering lessons to elementary and middle school students. Visit the ME2L website for more information.

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) is a college preparation program for middle and high school students. The goal of the program is to encourage minority and low income students to attend college. Students participating in MESA complete activities relating to math, engineering, and science and receive individual academic guidance throughout the school year.

Upcoming Events– The Humans in Space Youth Art Competition deadline has been extended to October 13, 2010 to allow for more students to participate. The International Academy of Astronautics Humans in Space Symposium Youth Art Competition is held by the NASA Johnson Space Center. The competition is open to all 10-17 year olds and requires that participants submit a piece of original art by October 13, 2010. The art must be in Houston by midnight central time and will be seen by experts from around the world in April, 2011. For more information on the competition, visit the Humans in Space Art Contest.

NASA has many upcoming events for both teachers and students of all grade levels. The list of events includes a teacher training opportunity for the Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GARVT). The training allows the teacher’s students to control the radio telescope via classroom computers.

List of NASA events.

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