Newton Network Newsletter: May 2011

Newton Network News:
Greetings from the Newton Network!

Welcome to May! There are only a few weeks left of class until summer. If you can’t decide on what to do this summer, we have some ideas to keep in mind. From professional development opportunities to summer camps for your students, there is plenty to look forward to this summer!

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In This Issue:

Nurses Trusted to CARENurses Week– Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6-12. Celebrate Nurses Week by learning more about the field of medicine. For instance, do you know what is involved in being a nurse anesthetist? Find out what anesthetists do by visiting PBS.

Common technology like cell phones can be used to help doctors who don’t have access to reliable medical equipment.

For high school students, investigate the process of eliminating medicine from the body using math. Visit Illuminations for the lesson plan. High school students can also use algebra to learn how kidneys filter drugs from the blood.

If you are looking for biology lesson plans, visit the Educator’s Reference Desk for lesson plans for all grades levels. Lessons include bioethics and viruses.

PAEMST– The annual Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is currently accepting nominations for the 2011 award. Teachers who are nominated have until May 2, 2011 to fill out the application. This year, nominees must be a math or science teacher for grades 7-12. Recipients of the award will receive a trip to Washington, D.C. for recognition and professional development opportunities. Recipients will also receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation. To nominate a teacher, or find out more about the award, visit

Web 2.0– Skype in the Classroom allows teachers to create projects to connect with other classes, teachers, or guest speakers for specific activities or subjects. Teachers can also share videos made by others that are designed for classroom use. Users will need a Skype account before they can create a profile and begin connecting with other teachers, but a Skype account is free. Visit Skype in the Classroom.

Professional DevelopmentGlobal Exploration for Educators Organization is a non-profit that runs professional development travel programs for teachers in the summer. Trips last 8 to 23 days and locations include China, Turkey, South Africa, Peru and Costa Rica. Participating teachers can receive graduate and professional development credits and all educational materials will be supplied. Registration ends June 1, 2011.

Teaching Science with Science Fiction will be coming to Reno, Nevada as part of the Renovation National Science Fiction Convention. The workshop will discuss how to incorporate science fiction as a science teaching tool. The workshop will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on August 17, 2011. Registration for the workshop ends June 30, 2011. The workshop costs $40 for adults and $25 for young adults (21 and under).

PBS TeacherLine is offering five professional development courses starting May 11, 2011. Each course is six weeks and all online. Topics include “Inspire Elementary Students with Engineering” and “Enabling Students with Special Needs to Succeed in Math Class”. PBS TeacherLine also has more online classes starting June 22, 2011.

Sierra Nevada Journeys Life Conference 2011 will be held in Portola, California at the Grizzly Creek Ranch Campus August 1-5, 2011, and teachers can receive two professional development or graduate credits. For more information, visit Sierra Nevada Journeys.

Upcoming Events– KIDS University is a yearly summer camp that takes place at the University of Nevada Reno. KIDS University has sessions on many different topics; including “Developing Your Own Website”, “Crazy Chemistry”, and “LEGO Robotics”. Registration begins March 26, 2011 and the camp runs from June 13-July 29, 2011. For more information, visit KIDS University or contact (775) 784-4046.

Registration is also open for the Engineering Summer Camps taking place at the University of Nevada Reno. The Engineering Summer Camps will run from June 20-July 29, 2011 for students ages 12-18. Sessions include a “Transportation Camp” and “Computer Science Camp”. Early registration is available through May 30, 2011. For more information, contact Debbie DeLauer at

Girls Math and Technology Camp will be held at the University of Nevada, Reno this July for one week. The summer camp helps girls entering the 7th or 8th grade develop a better understanding of and appreciation for math. Scholarships are available to those with financial need. For more information, contact (775) 782-7849 or

Summer of Discovery is hosted by the School of Medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno. Students in grades 8-10 spend one week learning about science and conducting science experiments. For more information, contact Cory Martin at (775) 738-3828.

Complete list of summer camps taking place at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Great Basin Naturalists Summer Day Camp will take place this year at Galena Creek Regional Park and Recreation Area. Students ages 8-12 will study the local ecology, geology, and cultural history of the Galena Canyon area. For more information, contact Stefanie Givens at (775) 849-4948 or (The Great Basin Institute).

Liftoff with Math is a space-oriented math and computer science camp that takes place annually at UNLV. This year the camp may not happen due to lack of funds, but if you are interested please contact Dr. Dieudonne Phanord at or (702) 895-0361.

Omni Science Camp will be taking place at Camp Lee Canyon in Clark County, Nevada. Students ages 8-12 years will learn about geology, geography, meteorology, and more. The camp runs from July 24-29.

Mad Science of Las Vegas is hosting science summer camps this year. The camps are located in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, and run from June through July. For more information on the camps and how to register, visit (

More information about the UNLV Summer Youth Program.

Newton Network We have recently added two more resources to our website and Facebook page. Siemens Science Day provides hands-on activities for grades 4-6 in earth science, life science, and physical science. EduHound contains many resources for teachers organized by subject and grade level.

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